Sarcasm……that awesome moment when you convey outright contempt beautifully

Still didn’t get? Ya, Only intelligent people do.

On being asked to a dejected guy how you like your egg he said just the way they are, thanks

Yes, it’s using irony to mock and it works beautifully. So if you use it right you are just the kind of someone who uses a lot of brains. People may think excessive sarcasm is bad but it’s not. It’s your brain’s mechanism to safeguard you from stupidity. We all are born sarcastic but few use the skill provided and very few in a witty way.

It’s like tending towards borderline stupidity if not used the right way. It’s simple, you have to think contempt all the time while keeping in mind that the contempt has to be communicated articulately which makes it such a powerful tool. You are using such strong imagination skills here that when you, let’s say sarcasm down someone it gives you a satisfying feeling of having an upper hand yet creating a lasting impression of intelligence as it requires spontaneity.

We don’t need fake, we need originality and what better than conveying your feeling in such insulting intelligent way. Why not communicate what you feel using imaginative sarcasm.

Are you the one who gets trapped and short of words when your girlfriend asks how does she look and you say, babe, you are in perfect shape like a circle, it seems you have mastered this rare art. Kudos to your talent and grit because that circle is now gonna round you up like anything.


GF: Hey baby how you like listening to me.

Boy pauses….. thinks all consequences yet brings the best out of him

Baby, you sound so much better with mouth closed as I can then watch your eyes do the talking.

Result: Contempt down with minimum fuss and max sarcasm. All happy

Think of all the good times you used sarcasm or sarcastic statements to get back at someone……Ya, you must be feeling too good now just beating the brains shit out of the other person you once bought down with your wit. It’s like getting high without being on drugs(although weed might do a better job I guess) but who doesn’t like a battle won even if its beautiful insult to somebody because you just loved it and got ready with next challenge as it surprises you how skillful the art is and you are getting good at it. Admit it we all want to give back the shit yet we all in our goody 2 shoes do not.

So go out and express yourself. Beat the sarcastic shit out of someone and gun for glory.

And if you really thought that I give a damn what you think after reading the article, tell me because I don’t wanna give any wrong impressions here.

Thanks but no regards


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