Why 7 might be the first question. Are 7 enough or a few more need mention, 10 would do. Did it take research arriving at specifically the number 7 or it’s just that it looks good, easy to read and just enough that one would be able to follow?

Yes, 7 is fine. How did I arrive at this number? I just did. It happened decisively. So to start this topic one thing that required nothing special yet takes hours of pondering over every small thing with different predicaments: Decision. Being decisive is not easy. Pretty sure you must have gone through similar experiences day and day out. You are most often railroaded into a decision making or eventually delayed thought to something long-standing makes you do it.

I am no perfect here and not railroading you into believing everything written here may relate to you. Here are experiential 7 simple things that may ring in improvements in our lives.

Being decisive

The single most important factor as to how your life pans out. Don’t you believe everything you have achieved is an aggregation of the outcome of the decisions you took? That college you studied, that course you did, that book you read, that time you went gym, that job you started and many more. What we are is what we did. What we did is what we chose. What we chose was eventually what we decided then. People may argue that destiny plays an important role and I am all for destiny but then if you introspect isn’t the decisions you made pivotal to what you are today. You decided to be in the job that you may detest now since you could not follow your passion. We give ourselves made up reasons to believe that we took the right path and decided well for ourselves. Right to an extent since who would want to live in the misery of bad decisions.

Take a decision even if it falls flat for you will regret more for the decisions you didn’t take.

Let go of things beyond control

The parking got full just when you reached, the dress you liked got out of stock, it rained when you stepped out in a new dress, relax and let it go off your thoughts. Anything that disturbs your inner peace isn’t worth dedicating your thoughts. Perfecting the art of letting go will take you places. Try it.

Listen more, say less

We just don’t listen or we listen only to react. Think. Yes, we do that. When did you communicated with someone for an honest intention of hearing or understanding? We listen to say and while both are connected, the essence of true listening has been lost somewhere. Everyone is trying to put his point across. Just listen to people without framing any thought in your head about what you want to say. Just listen. Give it a shot and you will learn about someone. Hear someone today.

Giving (not expecting return)

Is it true anymore? Aren’t we humans and not saints? Who gives without expecting a return? Giving and not expecting is somehow lost in the transition to the more modern world we live in. We live in a world of marketing wonders. We are spellbound with things we watch over daily. We live on social media where everyone is happy. We hate what we are and we want more and more. Do you gift someone, do you spend your time with someone, do you compliment others. Are you perfectly sure there is no hidden motive of expecting return ever? The answer is your true calling.

Drawing comparison

Wouldn’t this world be a boring place had there been complete similarities in all? Ever wondered why you like someone or why you prefer a certain place over the other. Life is to accept things when they are not what you expected. The only interesting thing happening is the uncertain events that happen. Ever wondered why you like the news. It gives you something fresh daily. Comparing yourself with someone kills the essence of you. Your story is unique, let it be.

Healthy you

Why not. Don’t we derive our entire energy from how healthy we are? We do. What stops us from being healthy? Health hasn’t been a priority for most these days. Irregular sleeping patterns, excessive drinking or smoking, no exercises and not enough reading are few factors that dictate our mental and physical health. A 30-minute exercise or a yoga session daily is all that you require to be in good health.

The well-being of your mind and body should be your top priority. Things will improve.

Me time


It’s the most simple yet the art of communicating with self is lost. We all seem to be in crisis. “Existential crisis” one may call it. Unsure, lost are the common attributes people tend to feel. We are not in sync with our self. True happiness, the one which is devoid of all materialistic things comes from the inner self and yet we don’t communicate with it. We are happy with the purchases we make and then more. We believe things will make us happy. Take time out daily to connect with yourself, the real you. Don’ pretend and don’t fake, be with real you. If you love having a cup of tea in solace, do it. If you like painting, do it. Connect with your inner-self for that will give you harmony and make you confident since you know yourself.

This is a topic you can write and write till you drop. I have tried covering a few points while there are many more which may be covered yet. It all boils down to my  first point of making a decision. It all starts with the decision you take. Like the one, you took reading the blog.

As mentioned earlier that I am no saint and authority on this topic. It’s about learning and unlearning. Learning about yourself gives you power. Change is not easy and nothing good ever came easily. You slog and then you slog more. Giving up is easy and tempting. The real characters are the ones who do not.


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