Isn’t it something that usually happens with any work you take. Individuality and originality are simple words but is it really how people are these days? We live in a world where our choices are determined by influences around us.

Somebody went on a vacation and you check their photos and plan a vacation. What stopped you in the first place? Someone went to a fancy restaurant and you plan your meal to another one just to satisfy and fit in. I say fit in because that’s all we all do now. We try to fit in.

The problem with fitting in is that you pretend and become what you are not. Do we know or understand what we like and how to go about it?

We base our decisions on the fabricated reality around us and it seems we never get enough of what we have. We feel exhausted even if we have everything. Shouldn’t this be other way around?

Why are we unsatisfied with what we have and aim for something that others have? Remember the time you wanted just a fancy pencil, sharpener or a magic box and you went to a shop with your dad to get it for you. You felt euphoric and elated. You had everything. Or is it so. Somebody got a pencil with a mounted eraser and you thought yours is not fancy enough now. So you get another pencil now and then satisfied yourself.

Could you ever get that pencil or eraser that satisfied you? The answer would be a No.

That’s how we live and perceive happiness. We get happiness in displaying our possessions.

So, back to the subject in discussion. We all get laughed at since being original is not in vogue. Following others is. The social pressure upon us to fit in with the society which has marred your vision to see things in perspective is a reality.

We are busy fitting in while compromising with what we can be. Think of the times when you could not take up something just because you thought what others would think about you.

Every time this happened you created a circle of restrictions and ended up giving on what you desired. Time went by and all you have is the life which others wanted you to live.

We never find our true calling. All we find and create is a virtual world which we accustom ourselves with. Day and day over as we repeat, we find ourselves far away from reality. We don’t think, we live. We are slaves to the routine we had made for ourselves.

We live to impress rather than express. Take that hobby of yours and stick to it not because you would earn something out of it. Go to that vacation you wanted to explore someplace not because you want your social media page to boast for it.

Do something you believe for fear of others laughing at your boldness is mental bankruptcy.

Remember how your classmate who studied for hours to crack any exam is now doing a job of his dream while the entire class laughed at him for being absent at sports meet or a college party. He found his calling and stuck to it and did what he wanted to. Remember your friend who wasn’t a bright student but knew he wanted to make big in some business got laughed at his decision but he earns big now.

The truth is you should know what you love doing. You can start small and gradually make it big. How would you rather know what you are meant to be?

Next time you think and stop yourself on how others will perceive you or create a mirage of an imaginary laugh which you don’t hear, believe that there is more to life.

It’s not about following your passion or becoming successful and earning money. It’s about doing things you like which will give meaning and purpose to you. You don’t need to be radical and change the world, just changing you will do.

Till you sort out, here I am sitting on my keyboard and finishing another blog. Is it for money or recognition? No, it’s for the love and sheer high which writing and expression provide. Don’t I have issues and problems? Plenty, but this is what I love. This is my calling.

Find your fancy pencil and stick to it. For it will empower you. Knowing yourself is rare. Having rare is worth every penny.

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