A big greet to all fellow bloggers and budding writers.I won’t be using any cognitive, neurotic and alpha and beta waves terminologies. At the end of the blog, you can find some wonderful reads regarding this. Do yourself a favor and read as and when you may lay your hands upon them. Isn’t our mind the most intriguing thing. We use it or it uses us, either way, we are the outcome of how we think and set things in perspective. Our problems are nothing but illusions of our minds. Enough has been written and said about this beautiful enigma and yet we are far off from the understanding of how it works or how to make it work for us. Come to think of it and you will realize that your entire past, present, and future is what you did, doing or will do. What dictates your actions is your mind. Everyone is born with similar capabilities yet some achieve greatness while others struggle to make ends meet.Let’s see how we can hack our minds to get our way.BelieveYes, this is the paramount factor to break the rut you might be having. When we believe in ourselves we subconsciously program our mind. We tell it that this is possible and has to be done. The mind then starts making ways for you to achieve it. Ever wondered why some tasks are accomplished effectively while others don’t. It’s the way we perceive certain things. Once you believe your approach changes.RepeatingWe are what our habits are. Habits are formed over a while through repetition of the same thing over a prolonged time. If you need to change a certain thing you need to create a habit of not doing it. Repeating a new change over a long period takes you there. While there are multiple theories and books on the period you need to repeat a certain thing to make it a habit, I would suggest starting it and you will eventually know when it happens.Happy-StateWe tend to remember our happy and negative emotions. There is no doubt that life is a mix of both emotions but we can program our mind by trying a happy state for mind. Not an easy task though but let’s seek our options here. We don’t control certain things and results in life. While we may keep on cribbing regarding trivial problems and issues in life they are not gonna change through our procrastination. Procrastination is fine but if we may alter our thoughts to the happy times and keep believing that things happen for a reason in due course, we may find some strength to face adversity. You may think of it as a prep to an adverse situation.Watch what you say regularlyNow, this may sound absolutely absurd to some readers. Pretty sure your old man or lady or your nana used to tell about it. What was it with old guys that kept on telling to say good things all the time. It’s a simple yet effective phenomenon. You can relate this to repetitions psychology. Anything you say regularly creates a vibration field which in turn influences the actual outcome. Try reading things related to vibration and manifestation and you will realize how major the impact of said words are. When we say positive things it creates similar energy while the reverse is true for negative words.CuriosityEverybody is curious, isn’t it? True to an extent, but do we feed our curiosity or are we really seeking answers. We usually accept things as they are. “Why do pen caps have holes” or “why do our jeans carry a small pocket” or ” why do blazers and jackets have the third small pocket on the left side”. There are numerous things such as these that actually go unnoticed. We don’t need to become an expert on everything that’s out there but we can surely be more curious and learn more about what is present in our daily lives.There can be multiple other ways to reprogram your mind and hack it to get your way. While I have touched on a few aspects which may ring in changes to our daily life. Trying this will surely provide better self-control and a confident outlook towards yourself. Do read the below books to get an insight into the beautiful thing called mind:How the mind works- Steve Pinker The Art of Thinking Clearly- Rolf DobelliThink Like a Freak- Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner Raise your Vibration, transform your life- Dawn James

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