“I will be seeing you soon and things will be better”- Unknown

Essentially what the world is saying to itself right now. We are all under quarantine, if not technically then by situation prevalent. We are all quarantining. Probably the right thing at this point is to stay home and make a real difference to the world. No heroics needed. No superhuman strength required. Simply staying at home will do. Isn’t it the most convenient thing to do. That’s your superpower now. Use it to the full effect. Imagine you are a Quarantine-Man fighting a virus. Your biggest power; Staying home.

Social distancing is the need of the hour. Who would have imagined hearing this term so often now? Well, this is what the world needs. It’s an absolute blessing for me as it comes naturally to me, it’s just that I am not embarrassed anymore. A shout-out to all who have their time now. No need to pretend and avoid people, you have it covered. The government has instructed. Go for glory now.

How to make quarantining worth when everyone is acting all pale and scared

Spread laughs when at home, not fear– Yes, the situation is grave and there are enough people taking care of the panic factor. Stay happy, calm and spread laughter while at home. Keep everyone around you happy for gloominess won’t take us anywhere. It may be the darkest hour but this will end and the world will connect and regroup again. For all it’s worth, just make the living space happy.

Try out your clothes– Your closet is full of crap. Try your clothes, see what fits and what doesn’t. You will be surprised to know that you have more than required though you always cribbed of not having enough. Moreover, trying out will essentially alert you on what doesn’t fit and you may work on your health given an embarrassing situation of your belly. You can always do away with extra items to some local charity later.

Sleep– Not the entire day, but sleep enough. I always heard people complaining about not getting enough sleep. Now is the time. Aim for a good 8 hours for it will make you feel fresh and energetic. A sleep-deprived body is more prone to catch viruses.

Binge-watching– Don’t we just love it. Plan out all the series you wanted to finish but couldn’t. Ask your binge savvy friends about a good series and get over with it. This is the time.

Do it Yourself– Must be evident in all these days what all needs to be fixed other than a switch or bulb. The more time you stay at home the more defects you come to know. Not everything is now hidden behind a store. Finish up all the pending tasks that need your attention. Remember, you are a Quarantine-MAN. Just so you know I need to clean up my AC. Go check for your broken switch, fan cleaning or even a hole you wanted in 2018 to hang your favorite painting.

Indoor work-outs– You’ve been longing to do it for a while now, while always postponing it to the next week, but as the saying goes, there’s no time like the present one, and what better place than from the comfort of your home? Nobody is watching you so you will save the embarrassment of judging eyes when your squat goes wrong. Put on you-tube and you will find thousand channels where you can learn from.

Take an Online Course– Start an online course for something you wanted to learn for a long time. Pick up something that you were meaning to learn from the comfort of your home. This is a perfect time.

Enjoy the sound of silence– Your daily life is of constant hustle and bustle. Sit with yourself in silence and enjoy the calmness it brings. Your mind is constantly meandering with useless thoughts. Take this opportunity to bring peace and calm in the otherwise busy and hectic life you have.

Times may be tough but little things can make it worth your while. Let’s make this phase interesting while praying for it to get over. We have survived many a disaster in the past and this too shall pass. Keep a calm and strong head on shoulders for we will come out victorious after the storm passes.

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