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Lock-down indeed is an emergency protocol used to restrict people from leaving a certain region.

Lock-down it is and we have to live with it. When you look around the world news there is panic and anxiety all over. China imposed lock-down in Wuhan and the world was astonished. What was expected to be a risky decision has turned out to be a masterstroke. 2 months down the line and China is now into single-digit cases with Wuhan opening up from isolation albeit slowly but gradually from the clutches of COVID-19 lock-down.

What was branded as a risky attempt is now a model for other countries to follow?

I urge you to utilize your self-quarantine lock-down period rather than panicking over the latest COVID-19 news or mindless scrolling through social media pages. Instead, use this experience to understand what’s important in your life and prepare yourself to move on stronger, calmer, and clearer than before.

Take a pause to absorb the gravity of this moment. This phase is a powerful reminder to us on forces of nature greater than ourselves that don’t bend as per our will. It is a humbling experience and can become a meaningful point in our lives once we absorb the lessons provided.

Now, lock-down and powerful don’t go hand in hand. Yet, the phase can be utilized in a way that it becomes extremely powerful tool at you disposal. You can make this period a stud or a dud.

Let’s see how we can make this panic ridden period a powerful one.

3 reasons why this should be an amazingly powerful lock-down and how to do it.

# Learn that quirky hobby you want

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Get past over the hobbies you write in your resume to look good. Singing, dancing and reading that’s what people write generally. It’s time you actually learn something new. It can be magic tricks, video editing, brewing beer, learning a new language, gardening, coding and many more.

While some may be for sheer fun and leisure, others may turn into earning activities. Learning platforms such as udemy and simpli learn will assist you.

# Start a side-hustle

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Once you can get some hands on experience with that quirky hobby you chose to learn, you can apply it to real world by providing your services. There are plenty of sites such as fiverr and upwork where you can enlist yourself for a side gig or hustle.

Through freelance jobs, you can start earning a decent income from the comfort of your home. Freelance writing and other gigs such as designing a logo, a project submission, translators or video editing are few to name.

The income would not replace your existing salary or earnings but isn’t it better to learn something new and then apply it. It’s a win win scenario as you will be spending your time on something you like.

# Do your bit for the society

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Now, some people really are philanthropic by nature and this is a constant activity for them while some need a push. This is the moment and push you required to help and support the society in your own way.

People wont judge and measure you with the magnitude of what you did. Just do it. You will be surprised and satisfied with the sheer pleasure that giving provides.

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” Kathy Calvin

To sum it all, it’s just about making most of your time. Things might work differently for you and others but then a proper utilization is all what is required. We all desired spare time few days back. If only we had the time and so was the monologue everyone had. You have it now. Let’s turn this into something worth your while.

For the only thing you will regret is the decision you didn’t take.

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