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And then came the Pandemic

And things changed,

Rich and poor alike

Nobody was spared,

People stayed home,

And home found its meaning,

As the fear was still gleaming,

People found family,

And people knew about life,

as the Pandemic was rife

Some read,

Some cooked,

Some started craft,

And some wrote again,

We left the skies and roads,

And found new modes

We found the new purpose of existence

Our lives stopped,

We listened more,

Some meditated

Some prayed to cope

As it was our only hope

And we realized what’s ahead,

When we saw a hoard of dead’s

We were ignorant,

So we make an attempt

Without a contempt.

People changed

And then we kneeled

The nature healed, the earth healed

And then the pandemic passed away

We mourn the dead,

And lay their beds

We make new choices,

And then we visualized,

Sooner or later but we realized

We created change,

As we fought with the strange

And then the Pandemic never came


This too shall pass

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