Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Yes, you may have a job now. Will it be there?

The intention is not to discourage but to invoke thought. Since you may be busy shuffling work, home, and getting things on track in your life it may have got lost. After all, who foresees unfavorable outcomes. You should though. Why?

Let’s understand why

Would you trust your company or any company for that matter with your home, child, or something personal?

It doesn’t matter how visionary the mission statement is or what DNA they are supposed to work on, relying solely on a job is suicidal in a global recession. You must be thinking ahead and far. Just in case. Yes, it shall not happen to you till it really happens someday. As a result, it leaves you crippled for choices because you didn’t plan.

Recession brings the worst out of any company. What starts as a tricky situation turns into a major crisis. Desperate times, desperate measures, and the companies look to factor costs. As a result, the employees are laid off. Suddenly the hunky-dory scene turns into a horrible climax and you tend to hear loud and clear.

“the party is over”.

The harsh reality

Let’s face it, that we don’t want to face it and that’s where the problem lies. Turning blind eye to a situation rarely helps, it just hinders your ability to plan.

Important to realize is to not depend on your job or company.

When recession strikes it’s easier for your employer to fire you because there are enough reasons available. For instance, cost-cutting, loss of business among a few. It’s a natural tendency. If the crisis strikes the company saves itself first. That’s how things work. Isn’t it?

So, what should be your strategy to ride this tide.

Stop being complacent

We all get complacent while doing our regular jobs. We love the comfort zone. Who doesn’t? After-all you work, get paid, and pay your bills. Why create a fuss? Everything seems on track while you are constantly engaged in daily chores.

The time to start planning and protecting your family is not after losing your job. The time to shape your life and career is now. No company truly cares about your interests because the modern-day business model requires companies to be agile and flexible.

Let’s take an example.

What would you do once you are unemployed? Discretion says to cut down on expenses, canceling dine out, and maybe cut few subscriptions for which you pay. Do you explain this cut to all the stakeholders? You just do it because you had to.

It’s not out of personal grudge. The company follows the same principle. They had to do what was required. It’s how businesses are done.

Start something, build something

Starting something of your own should be your priority. Not suggesting to quit your job yet and take an entrepreneurial plunge but starting something small and in the long run, building upon that. If you have a job, good, but what’s stopping you to plan for the future.

So can you build something that is yours? Yes, you can. Everyone can and they should. But how?

For starters, decide on what skills you can sell to others. Everyone has specific skill sets and that can be leveraged upon in the open market.

There are multiple ways to start something new and build gradually. For instance, below are the few options that you should avail.

  • Online learning of a new skill
  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • Turning an existing skill into a selling USP
  • Affiliate marketing
  • A social media page targeting specific products

By no means, it’s suggesting that all the above will replace your existing income. As a matter of fact, there is no miracle and quickfire solution to success, it builds gradually. A fairy tale is worth reading but it always comes with a price.

Preparing and safeguarding our family interests is all that is required. Do you plan to search for a job once it is lost? Do you want to consume every penny of savings while sitting idle?

The plan is to be fit and ready. When the unknown strikes, you can strike back.

To sum up, let’s appreciate that life goes on no matter what. It will certainly for you. Committing mistakes is a part of this beautiful process. Today, you may have a job and this is the right time to act. View this as an opportunity and invest in yourself. The time and effort at this moment will take you places.

Agreed, that few things are beyond control but planing and building something gives you exclusive control.

“We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.”

― Alan Turing

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