Isn’t this quote one of the most intriguing, thoughtful, and powerful summations of what exactly is wrong with the world. 

Have you discovered a free soul around trying to make an impact unknowingly or is everyone around looking to make ends meet? Is your reality constructive?

Ask yourself the following questions.

Did you have any constructive effect on your reality today?

Are you having a positive outcome in your reality?

Are you into regular activities enough to pay bills and get you through?

In other words, to put this simply, anything which you do past yourself and leaves you satisfied because if effected the surroundings is making an impact. 

Pretty sure by now you’ve got the point. Imagine your last 10 days and the routine. Now, did you find any moment where you made an impact? Most of us would realize by now that there is none. Let’s break it down even more and simpler. Did you help to make someone’s day better (little or huge) or any activity trying to better yourself? 

That’s what making an impact is. We are so ruthlessly thinking about money every hour that we do not even realize that life will always be about making an impact and not money. Money follows when you set things straight. 

Ever wondered how people living for social causes have little or no money, yet raising millions. Ever wondered how people volunteering during a calamity find help from every pocket to support their cause.

The simple answer is- they try to make an impact. They believe in the cause and the rest follows.

So, how can we make an impact? 

It’s not about you always

The world would have been so much better had we thought about others but we don’t. While we can spend huge money on ourselves, the first thought of supporting a cause takes us aback. While we may sit idle for a long time, helping someone physically is a strict no. Going that extra mile for someone or something is a lost art because we are always about “me” or “I”. 

Next time try helping someone in need with genuine interest, give away your favorite thing to someone who actually needs it without him/her knowing, try tipping extra the next time you eat out, or even try asking water to someone who delivers at your doorstep in the scorching heat. 

These small acts of kindness go a long way inti making you a better person and impacting the world around you.

Believe in a cause and get hell-bent making it happen

It can be anything. From a small ritual to helping a needy daily or any other larger motive. The idea is making a discipline that eventually brings happiness to others and satisfaction to you. 

We have all shirked from our duties time and again thinking we are too small to make a change. The road to self-improvement and making an impact is independent of the volume of your intention. When you believe in a cause you find ways and like-minded people in your journey which eventually multiplies. 

Realize Your Strengths and share

Each one of us has different strengths. We are brilliant at a few things while mediocre at others and that’s perfectly fine.

While someone may be wonderful at marketing, somebody is a genius in content. Combining the two can produce an exceptional result while individually they may not have the desired impact

Notwithstanding what your qualities and shortcomings are, the point at which you end up in a group of similar people, the aggregate of each turns into an entirety. Also, that is an enormous effect that develops the world in a hugely improved manner.

Always work out on your strengths and share your wisdom with others. In this way, you contribute and develop at the same time. When you achieve both facets, you have the immense satisfaction that inspires you for more. As a principle, this results in effect and impact.

In essence, the key to every change is the first move and accomplishing. Influencing or impacting is only achieved by true motives and beliefs. Once you are focused and hell-bent on making an impact, you are more likely to achieve it. Make a move and accomplish something that changes your life. You’ll find how satisfying the other side is.

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