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While there are a thousand things we should avoid, I will strictly limit this post to 5 things that you need to stop doing now. Also, it’s a great opportunity to vent out these feelings and turn them into mental reminders and lessons learned.

There are things in life which we do and then things which we don’t. Either of them requires discretion and decisiveness. To put it differently, not pulling a trigger is also an art like firing a bullet when needed.

Some things can be avoided since they would not matter and will leave you with limiting choices. Sometimes we just pounce onto things under external influences or just out of our innate desire to help and be the saint. Remember, neither of them helps.

What I am not promising here is a comprehensive list but a few chosen ones. What I do promise is a list that you can correlate with. 

The list is basis my personal experiences and observations and it follows the ethos of once bitten twice shy or bitten even hard.

5 Simple Things in Life That Should Be Avoided

Buying above your means

 We all face this dilemma. Let’s be honest, more than a dilemma it’s the peer pressure or external influences that dictate this. Again, social media plays a crucial role here. I mean, how do you don’t have that costly phone when everyone’s buying it. Why invest when you can waste the money on worthless luxury you don’t need. Right.

The idea is not to make a miser out of you but to spend wisely.

Social Media addiction

Yes, it’s an addiction. People find mindless hours scrolling their social media pages and eventually getting exhausted. It’s a trap designed to keep you engaged. Our brain rewards us for engagement on social media. 

Ever wondered how a “like” and ” comment” from a stranger gives you a sense of acceptance and confidence. You compare your life with what you see and you are more influenced by events happening in Hawai and Alberquerque than your backyard.

Change it for better for the lost time never comes back.

Debating and Challenging the political view of others

This activity is a sheer waste of time. Unless you are about to change your political views there is zero need to try changing others. Pick your battles wisely as it won’t matter and you are just picking a fight nobody’s going to win.

Having a strong opinion is fine but pushing it down someone else’s throat is doing no good to both parties.

The only thing you find in the end is exhaustion and frustration.

Looking for a reason to get started

There is never a perfect time for starting anything. We all live in this delusion of the right time. We delay our goals and actions based on our illusional right time that rarely comes. 

The reason is our part hope and part inability that limits us to start anything. We procrastinate while never action.

We wait until our careers have reached a certain point, we’ve saved enough money, or someone influencing us to do so. 

The bottom line is that there never is a perfect time but the time right now. If you have an idea get going with it, learn a new skill, or pick something new. 

You will find your calling making setting things straight as you move along with it.


Ever remember your times as a kid when you would tell your parents how the other kid had a better pencil box than your trying to convince them into buying one for you. 

We have not changed much. It’s just that we try emulating what others are doing or have. Hence, we crave for that new car or a watch just to satisfy our ego and need to get one-up on others.

Comparison kills joy and individuality. Your life is unique with its own story.

Focus on yourself, everything else gets taken care of. Follow your own path. In pursuit of following others, you end up losing real you and play below par your potential as an individual.

All things considered, the above-mentioned are just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to things that you can and should avoid for a happy life. More often than not we fail to realize the impact of things that we do routinely.
All It takes is some effort and tweaking to fix things that can help improve the status quo.
What’s stopping you?

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