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Let’s start with a random question here.

Did you imagine your life exactly the way it is right now?

What goals did you have while growing up?

Remember those conversations you had with your best pal about becoming a fighter pilot or an athlete or someone who would try changing the world. Better yet, you just wanted to be happy and peaceful and travel the world.

I bet you do, but isn’t your life everything but what you wanted to do or become. The worst part is we don’t even have a clue to how swiftly it happened while we look down the barrel now.

From living life, every moment to waiting for weekends and dreading the next week is all that life is for most now.

Somehow we find us in a quandary now with nowhere to go. Even your dreams compromised to the daily hustles with regular daily grind becoming the new normal.

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Here are the 5 signs you are wasting your life

If the above lines hold for you. In other words, you are practically screwing your life if I am allowed to say that. Why not? As if saying matters when all you have been doing is tearing it apart. Here’s how we practically waste away without even a whiff of what’s happening.

If you do not challenge yourself

You are where you are because of what you did. If you wish to change the status quo, you need to change. Change requires you to step out of your comfort zone that takes a mental and physical toll. A simple explanation is that we tend to pick the easy. Sitting idle and cribbing is a lot easier than taking action.

Try ordering something other than your regular order the next time you go out, take a different route to your known location the next time you go out, or try changing your routine to a better one. These may be small steps but go a long way in shaping the better version of you that would eventually take on challenges later in life.

If you have lost your enthusiasm for something you were passionate for

It’s no passion if you don’t lose track of time. Do you have a passion for anything? Contrary to popular belief, there is always something that you enjoy doing. We should find our “something” and do more of it. When you have something to look forward to, it makes your present exciting.

The outcome is you spend your time planning, thinking, or daydreaming about your future. The more time you spend procrastinating, the more anxiety creeps in your system.

If you are the one who cribs, complains, or blames regularly 

Nothing of the above works. The sooner you gulp this hard fact, the better your life becomes. Moreover, they consume your precious energy while providing zero returns. You’ll find yourself in a state of exhaustion and frustration if you remain in this mode. Furthermore, it puts you down since nothing changes. 

All you lose is your mental peace and calm. Try practicing gratitude by appreciating things you have. 

If you are a phone addict 

I love discussing this since finding how much you can pull back through containing this habit of yours. It has to be called out loud and sooner as this is one sure shot recipe for disaster in the coming times. 

While cell phones have become an integral part of our daily life, we must set some limits to the use. 

Stop and imagine the time you are wasting with your phone. Even worse, think of the relationships that might be affected.

While you were texting or scrolling to check what everyone else in the world is busy with, you miss out on meaningful time with your families or self.

It calls for moderation to a certain extent and you can only recognize the potential of this through experience.

If you do not realize the difference between a “Need” and a “Want”

A “need” and a “want” are different things. However, in today’s uber-modern society, we have blurred the lines. In fact, I see people struggling for basic things and yet have the fanciest devices to fit in with the requirements. Given a thought, there is very little that we actually need while everything else is just desired. 

Always look at what you spend your money on. You can avoid many expenses you make to please the people around you who are not gonna be around anyway.

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To sum it up, we should strive for happiness. If you measure success through money, your idea of success is skewed. Yes, money is important but it’s an outcome of what you do. Straighten out your life and enjoy the process while making changes as required.

The article is not a remedy to happiness or success but looks at possible things that restrict you from finding inner peace and happiness for a peaceful and successful life.

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