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Do you want to change your life for good? Try finding someone who says “No”! Yet you find all talks while no action. For a question having an answer in the affirmative, you’ll find people craving change without having to change anything. 

Changing an old screw is a tough ask, imagine changing life. Introspection about one’s life is a good start. Understanding who we are and what we want sometimes gets messy. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop. It indicates you want a few answers. 

The good part is you are doing better than you probably thought. 

While you are at it, there will be a few surprising changes indicating that you are on the right path.

Surprising Signs Your Life Is Changing For Good

You changed a long overdue routine.

It can be anything from waking up early to fixing time for daily rituals. A routine change is like a challenge you throw to your mind. Repetition is the essence of habit. Fixing something you ought to change requires control and discipline.

Once you achieve this small change, your mind processes this as a victory. 

If you are amongst the few who achieved this, self loath in glory and move forward.

You listen more. Talk less.

The biggest irony of life- We listen only to react. The art of listening to someone patiently has skipped an entire generation. 

Here’s why I think of this skill as the critical one in communication.

When you listen, you understand. Your understanding develops a genuine connection with the speaker while giving you an insight into someone’s life. 

When you listen to react, you only try to prove a point that takes you nowhere in terms of communication and a meaningful connection.

You are relaxed

Relaxed doesn’t indicate that you are complacent, it says you are at peace with things. 

Being relaxed when things are all hunky-dory is fine, it’s when you find peace amongst the mayhem in life, that’s when you are relaxed. 

If you now find yourself more relaxed than before, it indicates you are coming to terms with life. When you don’t overreact to trivial things while doing your job or daily chores with satisfaction and calm, you are in this zone.

You notice little things

Sometimes, as simple as beautiful mornings or just the sunlight and its effect. When did all this get so amazing? As trivial as it sounds, people are entirely unconscious to notice things like these.

While people may argue about why to notice little things? It’s these little things that reflect upon your character and how connected you are with the source energy. 

Moreover, it also tells that you are comfortable and relaxed within your skin while empowering you to notice details usually missed.

You are at ease when alone.

Being alone and lonely are different. Being alone is without a company.

You’ll often find people all jittery and anxious when left alone. Why the recklessness? Can’t you spend time with yourself?

Why the constant need for a company? 

Social media and exposure to just about everything with an overdose of information and easy peek anywhere has become a curse. 

Try finding someone who sits without a phone even for a few minutes or someone sitting quietly for some time. Not many would go for a movie or dinner alone. 

If you have found this peaceful place in your life, hold on to it.

Let’s embrace changes, for the only thing you can control is yourself.

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