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Since you’ve reached here, you are one of the below people.

  • You are seeking a powerful morning routine. 
  • You already have a great morning ritual and would love to know what the article says about that.

Either way, this article will be of interest and guide to you.

Unlike an average Joe, I suggest becoming a Morning Joe. Let’s say our Morning Joe would be a person who wakes early and takes the morning by the scruff of the neck and begins positively.

If you are like me, you aim to create a life with habits that will help you achieve your dreams. 

Dreams demand sacrifices and immense effort. Managing time is the nemesis of many when it comes to following dreams. Here come our mornings, the time when the world sleeps. You can make them your own and gun for morning glory.

A powerful morning sets the tone for the entire day.

Imagine this, waking early demands discipline and significant change to your existing habit. Morning sleep is satisfaction personified. We find ourselves all sorts of excuses to nap for a few more minutes.

The trick here is to delay gratification while establishing that perfect habit. Setting clear goals will help you to become a “morning star”!

I used to sleep at, let’s say 1 AM-3 AM and then get up by 9 AM-10 AM. I enjoyed and devoured the night time. It was like don’t wake me early as I am going to finish all shit in the night. It was like Batman taking on criminals. Only I didn’t have the cape or the bat-mobile, so non-glamorous at best.

I loved my routine, the only problem being my day went in a jiffy with so much to be done. Furthermore, till evening I was exhausted.

Remember, how we shirk from work that we detest while we readily accept to take on something that we like even if we feel tired or exhausted.

That’s exactly the trick to getting up in the mornings and making the early risers hours count- Looking forward to the next morning.

A perfect morning depends on the last night. Not to mention, a good night plays a critical role in defining the success of your next morning. 

Ensuring 7-8 hours of sleep is a must if waking early and invigorated morning is your goal.

Few Tips For A Powerful Morning Routine To Empower Yourself

Snooze Is Your Enemy- No Snooze!

That blissful feeling when you snooze and sleep for five more minutes only to realize that hours passed before you woke. 

Research shows that snooze does harm to our sleeping pattern. Also, many of us use multiple alarm within short duration to never wake up on time. 

What good are you on your word if a simple task of leaving bad needs constant push.

Moreover, snooze tells the universe about your plans. Plans that you were never ready for this in the first place. 

The key to morning glory is to wake as soon as the alarm goes off. The practice will keep you motivated and in high spirits. Once you experience the beauty of morning dew and the freshness, there is no turning back.

Furthermore, you ooze with confidence since the first task is secured, setting you for the next power move.


Morning meditation is a game-changer. 

When we meditate, we develop far-reaching and long-lasting benefits. 

Why is meditation such a powerful technique to re-design your life?

Let’s dwell on a few benefits:

  • We improve our focus
  • We connect better
  • We lower our stress levels
  • We’re kinder to ourselves
  • We get to know our pain

Need I say more. Just envision the above facets taken care of by one single practice. What else do you need?

Morning meditation will turn around your life for good, the only problem being you’ve got to experience it to understand the benefits you reap.

Meditation Tips For Beginners:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit
  • Relax yourself
  • Focus on your breath
  • Follow your breath for a few minutes

The above steps are the most basic guide to meditating. Once you take this path, there are advanced techniques for higher learning and enlightening yourself.

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Workout- Move That Butt Of Your’s

A morning workout is the best exercise your body can get. With immense benefits, it sets the tone for an active day. Pack yourself with a morning brew that helps you.

Workout may not be heavy-weights or gym stuff. Simple stretching and a few basic exercises that help keep your body fit through increased blood circulation and lower blood pressure are all you need.

Often, people tend to either attend gym sessions or ignore the physical aspect completely.

Not everyone can afford a gym membership or disciplined enough to attend one. A 5-7 km brisk walk or a 10-15 min running session with few push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups is all you need to keep yourself fit and healthy unless you aim to train like Ronnie Coleman.

With a basic session like the above, you can burn 350-500 calories depending on your weight. You can also opt for a morning yoga session. Also, this keeps your food habits in check and observant towards a healthy morning breakfast diet.

Few Benefits Of A Morning Workout

  • Balanced cortisol hormone equals enhanced alertness
  • Energy levels improvement
  • Weight Loss
  • Blood Pressure Management
  • Improved sleep
  • No more morning sickness

There are numerous other benefits, but I doubt if the above isn’t enough for you, even ten more won’t budge you.

Leave That Fancy Phone Of Your’s

Drop that phone of yours and read a book. Not to mention, I was one of the pioneers when it came to phone use almost anytime. 

Take it from me, but it doesn’t take you anywhere.

A study shows that high mobile phone use is related to increased depression in both men and women.

IDC research study assumes that around 80% of smartphone users check their mobiles within 15 minutes of waking up each morning.

Appalling. Yes, it certainly is.

So, putting at rest to all the studies and researches on the subject, there are problems that I encountered leading me to introspect.

  • Increased stress and anxiety: Messages, emails, WhatsApp, and multiple to-do reminders took away peace. I felt under pressure.
  • Distractions: As a result, the distractions played in mind the entire day. The day ticked off.
  • Lost time: Since you start with stress and distractions, you lose valuable time. You keep checking and scrolling while surfing around the world with someone’s dog or a funny video.

Read a book

There are plenty of articles over the internet explaining the benefits of reading a book.

I can give you a few practical and personally felt gains.

  • Enhanced Vocabulary: The more you read, the more words you gain. Acknowledging the fact that you are not looking to enter into a vocab competition, the gain of being well-spoken and articulate is critical to professional success. Moreover, a young student can benefit from this immensely. 
  • Brain Feed: When you read, you put your brain to task. Encountering various situations helps keep the brain muscles active. You are ideally feeding it with nourishment while helping avoid dementia or brain disorders later in life.
  • Reduced Stress: An intriguing story or an article will always help you focus on the now. You tend to lose track of time and stress while staying focused.
  • Knowledge: Exposure to information fills up your knowledge bank. 
  • Improved Writing Skills: Need I mention this. With thoughts and vocabulary, you know well how to carve them for a story or an article.

There are plenty of other benefits you derive from reading. Reading a book in the morning is just like your morning coffee providing instant energy and lift.

Showing Some Gratitude

Old school or orthodox. An effective way to bring peace and calm into your life.

We are guilty of not thanking enough for what we have but chasing things we desire.

Ever wondered how comfortable you sleep in your bed with AC’s blowing down cold air, feeding your hungry stomach at your will, wear clothes of your choice, and still complaining of how inadequate your life is.

Spare a thought for someone who sleeps under the open sky, eats food from the dump, or wears clothes that are rags.

Nowhere, suggesting to leave your luxury or comfort, just to be a little thankful for what you have. It helps to keep you humble and grounded.

How are you going to help others when you have utter disregard for what you already have.

Be grateful for the things you have. Say morning prayer staying humble and showing gratitude.

Your turn now

Start taking action. An early riser has many advantages. Lively and active mornings with pursuits that set the tone for your day and later your life is a simple ask out of the supposed hectic life schedule you have. It’s never late to start something good. 

Take small steps to start. Little tweak to your night and morning timings by 30 minutes and then proceed to the next level.

Observe shifts you start sensing. 

Every morning brings new hope.

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