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“Art, which does not seem to be an art.”

Effortless, you may picture. How in this fake, pretending world can you conceal and not pride on things and yet get the job done with nonchalance? 

The idea is to make every statement and movement appearing to be graceful and without thought.

That’s Sprezzatura for you.

The term was coined in 1528 by Baldassare Castiglione in his example to exemplary courtly behavior, Il Cortegiano (in English, The Book of the Courtier).

Castiglione said:

I have found quite a universal rule which in this matter seems to me valid above all other, and in all human affairs whether in word or deed: and that is to avoid affectation in every way possible as though it were some rough and dangerous reef; and (to pronounce a new word perhaps) to practice in all things a certain Sprezzatura [nonchalance], to conceal all art and make whatever is done or said appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it.

The emphasis here is on blowing your trumpet, only without it, or no pomp only show. It’s just like a ship sailing on the sea looking majestic and calm while the propellers underneath are working their life off. People who embrace Sprezzatura’s life are always calm and sure. They are performers without the usual noise delivering on their tasks without a hint of what went into the background, or the effort it took to produce results.

From what historians infer from the book, Castiglione argued the ideal courtier should have command on certain things. He described the following:

  • Be of the proper height — Castiglione highlights the importance of making an impression.
  • The skill to handle every kind of weapon
  • Physical strength
  • Valor
  • Judgement
  • Good sense
  • Learned

Ideally, the above traits define the men today and the struggle of individuals to meet ends. Let’s keep Mr. Castiglione aside and look at this from a neutral perspective. Each of the qualities listed is paramount to success in today’s world. Learning the skill of handling weapons equals mastery in different skills of this digital age where you need to apply yourself in various fields rather than specializing in a particular area.

The question then is: How to Sprezzatura?

To appear natural, one has to slog hard in the background. The art is to mask the efforts taken to come across as debonair and gracious, yet coming across as effortlessly flawless and natural, such that it seems part of who you are rather than a quality practiced strenuously over some time.

The whole point is to show restraint while your behavior supports it. Not giving away much and being comfortable within your skin instills the power to act rationally while projecting yourself as polished and know all.

Let’s check out the struggle and things that create Sprezzatura life:

Feeding The Mind

How in the world would you be confident if not for understanding something? Feeding the mind with knowledge provides wisdom and the desired factor you need for a Sprezzatura life. 

Mastery over things lifts your entire identity and makes you decisive.

Knowledge and wisdom are the new rich and success, arm yourself to create an aura of self-assurance.

Do It And Then Repeat…Repeat Again

Repetition is the creator of perfection. If ever you doubted this, always go back to the roots. Remember when you started walking, you fell, you got bruised and, yet you walked again. You repeated, and now it seems that walking came naturally to you. It takes effort walking, but then you never try hard doing it. It just happens. That’s nonchalance for you.

Be Decisive

Inculcate the habit of quick decisions. Quick doesn’t indicate rash or hasty. Don’t ponder over things generally. Spending minutes thinking of what to eat, pondering over what to wear, or where to go are small daily rituals you should have command over. They come across as trivial but imagine not being competent at these while trying to get that Sprezzatura in life. It ain’t happening otherwise. 

Practice the art of being decisive. The above-discussed factors will help build this trait. On being decisive, you come across as a self-assured and confident person.

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Keep A Calm Head Over Your Shoulders

Noticed how few people always panic while others are just cool as a cucumber in any situation. Who would you fancy?

Practice calmness and take things as they come. Situations demand an intelligent response, but not a frenzy reaction. When you are calm and collected, you think logically and respond thoughtfully. 

Your cool demeanor will reflect in your decision making and personality giving away a sign of confidence and grace.

Dress Well

Always. A well-dressed individual is sure to grab attention and set eyeballs rolling. You may be skillful, intelligent, or nice but dressing gives you power. It sets you apart instantly initiating the all hyped first impression thing. Agreed, you ought to have more in the kitty than being only well dressed, but then it sets the tone for you.

However, you need to open that mouth of yours and say stuff that resonates with your dress ploy.

The key is to dress well and exhibit confidence; enough to take on the audience.

To sum up, just stay on course for all-round development. Sprezzatura or No Sprezzatura, personal growth will take you places. Once you set your eyes on advancement and rise, Sprezzatura will be the probable outcome to your endeavors. The concept has been around for 500 years, yet the principle stays relevant to the existing and near future.

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