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Night routine! Is that a thing? 

You will come across a plethora of articles glorifying morning routines, and why not(even I wrote one a few days back)? Yes, the mornings are essential to how you kick start your day for optimal results.

How would there be a kick-ass morning, if not for a good last night?

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Agreed, you wake up and make the mornings your own, but for a refreshing morning, you ought to have a perfect night.

When you rest well, sleep well, you wake up refreshed. It is interconnected and supplementing in nature. Ideally speaking, wouldn’t you prefer a peaceful evening rather than a chaotic one?

The more calm and peaceful your night, the better your thoughts. High quality sleep ensures a better flow of energy and all-round happiness.

Who’s supposed to take care of you, if not you? Slowing down and taking out time for yourself is not an art, but a way of life. What’s the hurry? You are going to die eventually, make it worth your while. Your days might be chaotic and all over the place, but you can end an exhausting day peacefully to avoid adding to the misery.

The article shuns away from advising things you already know. Yes, exactly. Don’t you already know staying up late is detrimental to your health, don’t you know that stress is the perfect enemy for your health, and aren’t you aware of the fact that an exhausted body and mind doesn’t function optimally? 

There’s nothing revolutionary to discuss, but the written words usually do the trick. More so, coming from someone following and reaping benefits. Urging not to take my word (not literally) on it, but the practical upside you are about to experience once you set things into motion.

“To change something, you have to change something.”

Time is no commodity. It’s a concept you either mold to your advantage or disadvantage.

Whatever the situation you find yourself in, there’s always scope for finding time for your wellness.

Without further ado and wisdom: heading straight to a few practices of ending your days well with an infectious chuckle on your face.

Perfect Night Routine That Can Transform Your Life

Define Your End Of Day

Just end the day at some timeline. Look back on your daily hustle, and you’ll figure this out. It doesn’t refer to your login-hours, or time you leave for home. 

Yes, you left for home, or your work timings are done but are you off your work for real. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed how defining time helps your overall wellbeing. More often than not, you stare at your laptop awaiting a mail or to finish up some made up pending work that may fall on you the next day, only ending up exhausted.  

A suggestion would be to set a clear demarcation between your personal and work-life. Either side in extremity is a lost cause. Moreover, working till the last minute before going to bed leaves you cramped for your own time. How would you relax if work is something you take to your sleep?

Take An Early And Light Dinner

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

Have you heard of the above phrase? Bet you did.

Sadly, we follow the reverse today. We stuff everything at night. Why? We are too busy and fixated in our mornings, stuck during the day, and we find dinner the ideal time to hog for pleasure.

The problem lies in the fact that people are blatantly ignoring their health while blaming the situation on an existing lifestyle, something made by self in the quest for happiness. Sadly, none seem to be happy too.

So, why eat early and light when you can stuff everything in your sight? 

As per yogic scriptures and lifestyle, dinner within half an hour from the sunset is considered ideal. Now, people rarely wind up their work by that time, let alone have dinner. 

The idea is not to starve in the evening, but consuming adequately throughout the day, preferably split into 5-6 meals. Eat enough during the first half of the day to satiate the random craving. 

A suggestion would be to eat your dinner by 8 PM to give your body a proper rest before bedtime, creating an ideal window for the body to digest, making you feel light. If the above lines aren’t enough for you to change, below are some benefits of early and light dinner.

  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Better Appetite
  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Weight Loss
  • Lower Risk of Heart Attack, Diabetes, and Cancer

Put The Goddamn Phone and the TV Away

Rather than mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds or watching TV, sit with the family, talk. Remember those days when families use to eat together and talk at length.

Visit anyone these days, or the families, you find everyone scrolls with heads down as if the other person does not exist. The parents have left their children on their own, handing them the phone to play with all the time. Why? It is easier this way since they won’t disturb your phone time, not realizing the adverse effects on kids. 

Moreover, our devices keep our brains alert and sharply reduces the quality of our rest. 

Connecting Within

The hustle and bustle of the entire day often leave us with a lot on the plate to think. It becomes a vicious cycle wherein the mind engrossed with how and what of life stays in a loop of thoughts.

The night routine is where you take control of your thoughts to calm down, letting go of the chain of thoughts that keep you engaged, leaving a little time for you.

Few suggestions that can help:

Go for a walk: Yes, go for a walk alone. It can be a powerful meditative state when, as this gives you time to organize your thoughts. Moreover, it is a positive affirmation for a mind. We usually procrastinate all our lives, with little action. Sometimes, leaving and connecting within gives you a better perspective on things. Always spend some time with yourself to gather your thoughts and energies to come back stronger. A short walk and self pep talk do that with the additional benefit of being healthy.

Reading/Writing: When was the last time you read or write something with intent other than for your Facebook or Instagram feed. 

Read some book, probably light, uplifting your spirits or write/journal. Journal about your day or your life, whatever you find ease doing. The idea is to observe your thoughts and choose your time over the daily chaos of life.

Few books I strongly recommend:

The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

How to Ikigai: Lessons for Finding Happiness and Living Your Life’s Purpose (Ikigai Book, Lagom, Longevity, Peaceful Living)

Jump and Your Life Will Appear: An Inch-by-Inch Guide to Making a Major Change

Big Magic: How to Live a Creative Life, and Let Go of Your Fear

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Closing Thoughts

How you end your day eventually defines your next day and life in general.

A decent night routine sets the tone for a successful day as we subconsciously process everything that happened during the day. Mess and disorder of the day leading to your bedtime are only going to play in your mind during sleep, and you won’t be able to recover from it.

Let go of all the anxiety and stress and take the calm to your bed, ensuring a perfect sleep and harmony. 

These simple steps will transform your life for good.

Always remember to be grateful for what you have. Millions out there dream for the life you live unsatisfied and sad.

Do let me know about your routines and how you overcame the stress and anxiety of the day to change your night time.

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