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It was the hot morning in June. I had woken from a long but ineffective sleep, checked on my phone immediately as those dust-laden eyes opened. Alas, there was too much to miss from the notifications scroll down. There was a Swiggy genie wanting to lure me into some offer, Facebook screaming to look at how someone just went to someplace and had tea, office mails with their doting eyes telling me to get my act together, and my WordPress blog showing new followers and likes.

What are you supposed to do? You only get 24 hours in a day, and that’s less. How could you miss all this amidst the beautiful life you intend to live. After all, 1440 minutes are just not enough to fill everything in.

I was reading a lot of self-help and personal growth stuff, but then everybody does it. Reading books, journaling, exercising, and meditation were the few regular ones that came across floating from every direction. I was game for them, only till the notifications came getting me engrossed on how miserable my life is, while the entire world is having fun.

The fun part of self-help is the word itself. Yes, self-help yourself with advice from other than your self. Frankly, I didn’t realize the help is to be within. The books guaranteed success and were a quick fix to the problems everyone had. The pieces of advice can work magic, but the wand has to be moved by you(sans the mantras).

This article is not a solution to your problems, but a realization of the problem. While we search for answers to our numerous issues, we are not even clear where lies our predicament. Not suggesting that this may be an issue to you, but fixing this can help immensely. Hey, that’s what self-help is. Honestly, I didn’t realize that this was something to be dealt with until one fine day, I did take it head-on.

Follow my lead here- You wake, reach for your phone, and there’s so much to see and check. Your mind gets in anxiety mode with what lies ahead (after-all someone ate some continental dish and posted on Insta), how could you not. I’d say why? You just got up; why dip your heads and eyes into the phone to check what the world did and then take it to your bathroom. Pee, poop, and come back. Nothing’s about to change, and you pee and poop in silence and peace.

Truly the only few minutes you have with yourself

Enlighten me with any other time window where you can have no distraction and binding. It is the only time where you can have secrecy and privacy to what you do. All else is non-ending chaos.

You are answerable the entire day. Your phones keep buzzing, your mails flooded, and your mind occupied.
Agree, there should be a defined start to the day when you get into the chaos and mess of life. Why take this exhaustion and stress to your bathroom.

Throughout the last 90 days, I sit down, not letting myself to leave until my mind is clear, or I have an urge to fend off the silence that creeps in. Trust me, nothing to lose sitting in silence for 10-15 minutes.
Initially, the mind strays, but you learn to embrace the silence. While you are at it, this disconnect from social media and other stuff lets you connect with yourself.
It is a simple explanation. When you are not looking at your phone, and your thoughts scream, you take cognizance of them.

This practice alone has done a world of good for my confidence. I get the exclusively elusive time with me while saving a good 15 minutes, otherwise spent on mindless scrolling.

Respect your privacy and be you

Why not? It’s your time. Make it better.
One of the fundamental issues that have crippled society at large is imitation. We compare and crib, and acquisitions make us happy. There is a constant tussle of what can be. Try figuring out all that you are, rather than what you are not.

The term privacy isn’t when someone else interferes with your affairs. It is also you meddling within your head, leaving no scope for thoughts and observations.

Is the originality dead?
I’d say yes. Your purchases, thoughts, and even lifestyle is influenced by what you scroll.
Have you ever sat quietly?
Have you observed what’s inside your heart or head?
It doesn’t happen now. People are scared of taking stock of their thoughts and being themselves. It’s convenient scrolling and following what some two-faced filter-heavy influencer does.

There’s much to be achieved by becoming someone who can sit quietly while enjoying the observation of thoughts and working on them.

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Closing thoughts

To make changes to your life pattern, you have to see yourself precisely the way you are at the moment. Once you do this, there would be no more struggle. Things will flow naturally without forcing anything. You will have a view independent of what is drilled in your head.
It is never late to change something. Get back your time. The time that is supposed to be exclusively yours.

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