The world doesn’t even know you exist, so why the fuss?

Well, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

If there is one thing that you could pin and fall back for happiness, it would be acceptance- Accepting life as is.

What is it with us and the reality? We are at war with our lives, Isn’t it? 

You can dream and yet accept life as it is. Chase your dreams and aim for glory. Truths, if accepted, turn-around your life into a smooth and fantastic ride.

By truths, the emphasis is on things that are true in general, and that prevail in our daily lives fabric. 

We spend our lives fighting reality and turning a blind eye to the truths that define our very existence. It is a constant pursuit of changing reality, while we would be better off accepting a few things as they are. 

Things we resist- persists.

In general, life is different for everybody, and you’ll end up defining what life means to you. The idea is to explore and examine a few facts of life that connect all of us. 

The eternal truths that will bite, beat you, and yet you have to live with them hand in hand like a timeless romance. The irony being, we realize and mourn later, pushing them away throughout life as if they are not even there.

The sad part is, the reality ain’t changing. You may struggle with it, but it is advisable to accept a few things as they are.

The sooner you accept, the prepared you are.

Do not get the idea wrong. 

You are not to give up the dreams, only the fight against the inevitable.

Your current situation is a true reflection of your decisions

You are what you did when you could have been comfortable doing nothing.

Soak in the above lines for the brute reality you avoid facing. Thing being, we all took the comfortable route when we could have gone the extra mile. 

Your life is nothing but the decisions you made. Most of us tend to blame the situations, people, and shirk away from the responsibility of our life. The truth is- you are where you are because of the things you did.

Nobody cares. The world doesn’t even know that you exist

You may have your loved ones around that gives the sense of calm and the feeling of having someone. 

Have you suffered in the past? Or is your life in absolute pain?

You know what? 

You are not alone. Everyone you see around goes through life troubles. Considering yourself the outlier and the victim only makes it worse. You are not the chosen one. It is part of your being alive.

You are not the center of the universe. Most people don’t bother what you may think of them, and others don’t even know you exist. As crude it may seem, it is humbling.

As you read, eat, or sleep, someone may be speaking or thinking some shit about you.

Yes, it’s true. Should it bother you? No.

The world may be ignorant of your existence. At the same time, your knowns and peer group may be hatching conspiracy or speaking ill of you. Sad, but real. 

While handling someone like this is a different conversation altogether, here I restrict myself to the truth that people will continue doing it. Make peace within your head with this fact. It is something beyond your control, and that would happen time and again. Treat it as an integral part of life and move on. If you get affected by what someone is thinking or talking, you will limit for life.

Criticism > Encouragement ( Always )

Even the legends get criticized. If you thought life is one smooth sail with encouragement galore, revisit the notion. No matter what you do or achieve, criticism would never leave your side.

Your various achievements may go unnoticed, but people and life will pounce upon you on your slightest error.

You may look for some encouragement that may not be forthcoming even after your valiant efforts, but criticism will always find its way to you. 

Your best effort may not reap encouragement, but you may not escape criticism. Live life on your terms and take things as they come.

Failure before success 

The phase where hopes are lost, shoulders are dropped, and self-doubt creeps in. 

Success is like a sailing ship. Nobody cares to think of the propellers struggling underneath to power the sail. The struggle is the failure phase where people give up. 

We ogle at how successful someone is, only not realizing the fact the failures it took to reach the top. You will experience many setbacks until you find the recipe to success. 

You only fail when you stop trying. Take heart from the fact that some of the biggest names like Edison, Einstein, Spielberg, and JK Rowling failed big before the success they tasted.

Fail, learn, implement, and get success. Repeat when necessary.

Most of us fail to give our best

I know I have. I have thought long and hard over this, and could only conclude the above. The more introspection I did, it became clear about how things would have been different had I put more in certain things.

Be it sports, studies, music, and even writing, the only certainty is a lack of effort from my end. Things had a start but failed as they went along due to half-hearted efforts.

In all fairness, I am not alone. Most of us tend to love multiple things, but fail to give their best shot at any of them. 

The limiting belief in our lack of effort is due to the non-clarity of thoughts in our heads. We go after everything in a dilemma ending up reaching nowhere.

Our what and why is not clear.

Everybody dies ( You and your loved ones included )

Live life to the fullest. You heard the phrase. Right?

Imagine someone taking away your wallet from you, or your mobile. It will make you afraid. Something of much higher value, more fear.

Imagine when yours or your loved one’s life is taken away from you? It scares you. 

There is an excerpt from Acharya Prashant.

The thing with the brain is that it has nothing of its own. All its identities, sense of the self itself comes from the outside. So it is forever afraid that something can be taken away.

Death is always coming, and it won’t wait, no matter what you accomplish or leave unfulfilled. The interesting part is, you are not alone, so no point waiting for the inevitable.

Closing thoughts

Some may argue, what’s the point in living and enjoying if life is gonna throw these sucker punches at you. I’d say what’s the point in eating that pie of yours if that is gonna end up in your shit tank the next day. The best part being, you are not the chosen one. 

The only possible outcome should be your grit to be in this reality and punch it in the face. 

Do you have a choice otherwise?

Let me know if this was worth your while.

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