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Follow the dog’s philosophy.

Piss, shit, eat, love, and play. Rest is the complexity created by our desires.

For your curious nose, here are some amazing facts to start with:

  • The Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’ has a frequency only dogs can hear.
  • Three dogs survived the Titanic sinking.
  • A blind man and his guide dog hiked the Appalachian Trail.
  • Petting a dog and gazing into their eyes releases oxytocin (the “love hormone”) not only for you but for them as well.
  • Your dog can smell your feelings. 


*drake center for veterinary care

And we thought we are unique. 

Dogs are man’s best friend, not for no reason. 

All these years, I was intrigued and mesmerized by this peach of a creature. I’ll tell you why? To understand this, you need to step into their world. 

Imagine you are a dog. No offense, but get into a dog’s paw. Ok, so let’s see how it goes for our fluffy, saliva dropping friend who I presume is you now.

Born someplace unknown, under a shed may be. If lucky, at some canine center. Being a street dog will be even tougher, but the best part is you won’t change, be it a stray, or a pet.

Most of the time, you are off to someplace else before you could open your eyes and see what it is like out there.

Some family comes and adopts you, that is not your clan. They will feed, love, and play with you. Not to mention, you get to chew and tear away the pillows and everything in sight. Also, you get to sleep, but with an open mind. That’s who you are.

Looks good till now. 

Consider this. You are to sit outside when someone comes over, or you end up tied in a leash in some corner. You are “thrown” a toy to fetch, and teased with another shiny toy. Sometimes all you could do is to bark, lick, or chase your spooky tail out of curiosity.

Sometimes there is a bed to sleep or floor. There is a different kind of food too. Your master may display your loyalty and obedience when they put up a show for guests at home. Rains, no rains, cold or scorching summers, you will adapt. 

You are you- a dog, and with zero complaints. You wake up every day, happy, and elated for life with usual antics and entertainment for all. 

I have read and written pieces on inner-peace and calm. All that soul searching and a relaxed life takes me back to the simple yet effective life – a dog’s way of living. You can read and study all you want, but observing a dog will be an eye-opening sojourn for you.

Here’s how

Dog’s are brutally honest with their feelings

Yes, they tell us their real feelings. A dog’s tail is like their mouth. They tell you exactly how they feel about you or anybody in general. They won’t be speaking, so there is a limited way of communicating. They work around with their tail, pouring their emotions unlike us. Either they wag in joy or hang their tail otherwise. You get the real deal. Commendable. Isn’t it?

Only if we could be like them, not pretending all the time. We are a race that puts up many faces and pretends and fakes every time. Life is simple if we stop faking and show our real self? 

It would be easier for us since there would be no stress of trying and impressing.

Dogs are in your face saying- Hey, this is me. Do you like me? Oh! I don’t care, scratch me on the back. Will ya?

Enthusiasm for life

You had a bad day, things not going well for you, and your mood is off the charts. You are all grumpy, cursing life at the loudest. You are least interested in people and present them with a fake or a sad face. 

Typically, we have several days like these, and we lose hope for life and people around us because life sucks.

Notice a dog and the enthusiasm towards life. He doesn’t need a fancy place or something, only you. Every time it greets you, it’s with gleaming eyes and tremendous love. The dog doesn’t care where you are. It will make you feel optimistic and loved.

Try living with the same enthusiasm for life and the people around you.

No room for procrastination

We are the most thinking and delaying piece on the planet. We bring together everything, making ends meet, and deciding what needs to do. We think and delay everything on the pretext of decisions, ending up screwing many things. 

Dog’s don’t do that. They won’t wait to think whether the jump would need a certain angle, or the tummy is full or half, so no eating. They do what comes naturally to them. Thinking is natural to us, but with the riders. Always.

Happy with everything: Small or big

Ever wondered how comfortably you sleep in your beds with AC’s blowing down cold air, feeding your hungry stomach at will, wear clothes of your choice, and still complain of how inadequate your life is. 

We are never happy because we base it on acquisitions. One thing after the other, till we get exhausted and dead.

For us, things carry happiness. We never appreciate the gifts we receive in life.

Dogs are different. You treat them, they are happy. You throw them a ball, they are happy. Whatever the situation may be, the dog is happy and non-cribbing.

There’s a lot to learn from this.

Dogs live in the moment

Perhaps, the most important lesson to learn. We worry and get stressed as we live in our pasts and future, while the only part we control is the present. We think about what happened yesterday and live scared for tomorrow. The dog lives for now. 

Dogs can care less. If they lose a treat, they find another one. If a toy breaks, they find something else. Yes, why not?

I dwell over yesterday, tomorrow, and cling on to the feelings. Dogs, they don’t care. What’s gone is gone, and they couldn’t care less for the future. The only time is today and now.

If you have a bone human, throw it and let me get it for you. That’s all I understand. I will be happy now and chew the brains out of that bone.

Closing thoughts ( with the tongue out wagging )

There is no point in leading a complicating life. If you need enlightenment on life skills, you’ve got your furry little saint. Their barks and poop may worry you on occasions, the wisdom you extract out of these paw-some creatures is worth the trouble. Observe them and learn to master life. Yes, life is hard and puts you down sometimes, find another reason or thing to wag that tail of yours.

You see, even after showing us the path, he is holding a thank you card for you( in the pic). How can you beat that altruism?

Let me know if this was worth your while.

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