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A man doesn’t need brilliance or genius, all he needs is energy.

-Albert M. Greenfield

No, it is not the overdose or lack of exercise.

Everything is energy, even money. The more you read regarding how energy and vibration dictate your life, the better you gauge the concept. While vibrational analysis is a different concept to be discussed at length, we will restrict ourselves with life-sucking habits that drain us.

The underlying theory as to why energy conservation is critical is due to a simple fact- We have limited energy.

Say, we come with X, and X- shit/good is what you work upon.

Equational speaking:

X= Energy

Remaining X = X- shit(always more)

Remaining X = X- good(always less)

There are two problems with the equation. First, we do more shit, hence, save less. Second, good thoughts and deeds are always less. Henceforth, no progression.

Similar to inner engineering we do for peace, energy engineering is the single most critical aspect to set things straight.

The below energy quote and summation by Andrew Carnegie rounds it up. We are guilty of putting less for starters, and then the less we put eventually gets distributed into the good and useless. 

The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%.- Andrew Carnegie

Our useless consumption > good on any given day.

So, why do we need to monitor this life-sucking drain?

For one, keeping a tab on something limited is always a good idea. It would be fine had you been blessed with infinite energy. The simple logic of conserving something that commands the functioning of the universe shouldn’t be a tough one to fathom. 

Think of energy as your money. You get a limited amount each day. It’s your discretion now. You spend more, the lesser you are left with, and the more if spent callously, even poor.

Here’s a look at the 5 daily habits draining our life vitality


Procrastination simply explained is- prolonged thinking and delayed action. It is the single most critical factor defining exhaustion without action. It is a futile exercise, leaving you high and dry. Procrastination always takes away, never giving a thing in return. 

Imagine the energy consumed on thinking. Just thinking, no action. Countless thoughts, only to avoid and delay what could have been.

Simply, blows me off introspecting the time wasted away thinking of coming up with the post. In the end, it is the punching keys that did the job, not the endless thoughts of what could have been.


Worrying never solves the problem. 

Ok, think of yourself as a driver in a car. Now, the car is out of control and about to hit a tree. You either control the car or jump out of it. No, you worried about the car hitting the tree. 

Goodbye and best of luck. Will drop a get well card.

It is a simple yet learning practice. Something beyond control should not worry you. For things within control- control and stop worrying.

Worrying is consumed energy with absolutely no result. Had worry helped you throughout, you would have carved wonderful life by now, and I would have lost a reader since you won’t be reading this. Me not worrying though.


Ya, I know this one. A friend won’t call, and it made me angry. Someone cuts me in the traffic, and I was like mouthful hurling shit. If I took a fall, the ground would hear from me. Hey, not my fault as you are made crooked.

See, nothing changed other than my exhaustion levels. I felt exhausted and exasperated all the time. There was so much to say, feel, and think that goes behind your anger. It all culminates into one burst of energy chunk that is instantly lost.

It took me years to figure this out. I’d say, it’s a mix of expectations, feelings, and situations beyond control. We don’t fix the issues, we burst out of anger. It’s easy and relieves us of responsibility.

Stop reacting to futile things. The world ain’t against you, but you are. Channel the anger into your passion and believe, not everything needs a reaction.

Social Media

From political discussions to “how awesome my life is display” on social media zaps you of energy. Constant scrolling to check what changed in a few minutes, seeking validation from like or heart buttons, and comparing life with others assuming everyone in the world is a millionaire spending time in Hawaii, leaves you reeling with pressure about your own life.

You get into a constant zone of seeking and validating untrue things. While your phone and social media consumed all your spirit, someone around the world did something noteworthy, someone launched a product, and someone donated blood rather than flashing onto the Facebook or Insta handle.

All you did was scroll away a few precious moments of life. Good luck with that again.


All our life has been one huge library of complaints. We find reasons or make them as and when the need arises. Since we are the most righteous people to adorn the planet, everything else feels inferior and worth complaining about.

From work to anything, we are deft at complaining. Someone grows in life, we complain about how unlucky we’ve been. Even when the others are happy, you find a reason to curse your own life. 

Complaining makes you the part of the problem rather than being a part of the solution. 

Imagine the time and energy consumed and wasted by the thoughts of putting the onus onto somebody else for everything that happens in your life. Moreover, there is a God to fall back on. If nothing works, complain about how inadequate he is. 

What to do

Plug these drains and save helluva at your disposal. Convert these typical actions into opportunities to channelize this scarcity into something productive. Moreover, finding your true calling is the ideal solution to divert from the chaos of life to something you find worth doing. There is a huge potential within us waiting to be unleashed. Only with the proper management of our energy, we can influence our actions to work for a greater good and better life.

Do not adapt to the energy surrounding you, influence everything around you positively with your energy.

The trick is to save and use to infuse yourself with unlimited power. Energy 4 change is the key.

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