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The process is critical, regardless of the outcome. 

Having read several articles and following several top writers over the last two years, I’d say develop a writing habit, or you are planning to fail.

Quick bucks and instant gratification is the norm. Everybody wants to join the bandwagon and kill it. Writing has become a gold mine waiting for exploration. The only problem: the entire quickfire money and recognition is a mere oasis in the vast desert of this art.

Writing is similar to any modern-day sport or art that feeds on consistency and hours of devotion every single day. You don’t just get up to write and produce some viral articles. Sure, you can come up with one someday, but the process is critical. 

Given a gun for the first time, you may hit the target bang at the maiden shot, even better than the pro. Can you sustain it? 

The answer is- No. 

While luck and starts will play a role, it’s you who can alone control your fate. 

Call yourself a writer, then write, and daily. Create a habit first, and rest gets taken care of eventually.

The contrasting situation is, we want the rest that comes with it without actually making writing part of our lives. It is like exercising where you get the results toiling away daily. Imagine it as the reverse of the school home-work that you dreaded and finished only out of the fear of being punished, hence never enjoyed the whole thing. 

Understand, and this is important.

Daily writing should be a part of your life, something that can be not compromised. It should incite a sense of fulfillment and a must-do, not something you drag yourself onto daily. If you find reasons to avoid over trivial issues of workload, some party, it is not for you then. As mentioned earlier, it has to become part of you that you would dread to negotiate.

You can choose to view your writing as a punishment, another daily chore to be endured, or as an opportunity that it is. 

Want to make it big- write daily. Write anything from a switch to an election, but write. It’s about forming a habit, one that defines you. Focus on writing, leave the topic.

Repetition breeds perfection

Consider repetition as daily progress. Say-progress over perfection. Why not? Just repeat the process daily till it becomes your life. Do it as your life hangs on it, and soon it becomes an unavoidable and routine thing for you. Ask any great writer, sportsman, and you’ll know they have a boring routine. One that gets you the glory and boring since it becomes monotonous at some point.

Darn, the issue remains though

So, all the wisdom above does fine when reading, but how do you exactly do it, and is it easy? 

Daily writing as a habit is easier said than done. Sure, once you make it a practice, you reap benefits, but how to imbibe something that isn’t present. Of course, you can take a 21 or 30-day challenge, but is it going to sustain itself?

To set the ball rolling, here are few tips. Pardon me if you don’t find these fancy or jazzy as they are not. These are simple, crude, and real, even mundane, but you will see a turnaround.

Knowing the why

Yes, why? Why is it that you want to write?

Is it because everybody else is doing it, or you came across Tim Ferris or Tim Denning and thought, why not- these guys are doing it, and so can I. Frankly, there isn’t a problem with the thought process, but it takes you only as far. Even the decision based on writers making huge needs a substantial why? 

What’s in it for you. If your why isn’t clear, soon you’ll lose the how. What ticks you as a writer is a question you should ask. Once the why is clear, you move forward.

Maybe the why is money, expression, or something else. Whatever holds dear with you, till it does, is okay.

Here’s for inspiration They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Keyboard–Now I Blog!

You’ll need a goal

Once the why is taken care of, you go to the goal. Sure, you love writing, and you know why, but does this suffice. What’s your plan? 

Have you zeroed down on how much you are planning to write daily irrespective of the topic you decide? 

Write anything, but write. Topics and subjects may vary, and you may as well write on why am I not writing? The idea is to put down words daily. Without a goal, you’ll not pressure yourself enough. Decide a bare minimum of words you can commit and then get hell-bent doing it. It empowers you with the confidence of achievement.

I target 300 minimum words daily. These may or may not come in blog form, but they do come. Daily quotes, blogs, Twitter, Quora, or Instagram posts are my breakup. Not counting, but sure it goes over 300, and that’s how I maintain the habit.

Your space, your time

It is critical to the process. Fix a specific space for writing and make it yours. It’s your crib and becomes your go-to place. Decorate it even, whatever works- posters, clock, or books. Once you create a suitable environment, it triggers happy hormones, and you seek comfort and corner at your space.

My writing schedule is morning and night both. Whatever you try, make it consistent. Keep at it and show up daily at the time you fixed even when you are clueless about what to write. 

Closing words

The only regret you’ll have is the words you didn’t write. Writing is an emotion, and we all have plenty of those. Write anything and form a habit. It may not be a viral article for starters or a specific topic. Pick up your life story or a random thought, but write. To make it huge, once everybody started small. Lay a foundation first to build something over that.

Some prompts for writing:

  • Random thoughts
  • Re-phrase an existing quote
  • Daily routine
  • Write about a cup, pencil, or scissor
  • Your life goals

As long as you write, you are there and about. It eventually comes down to consistency and duration. Once you’ve mastered this, you wouldn’t worry. To go from pondering about writing to being an actual writer, make habit your weapon.

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