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There is no quick recipe to success or a magic trick that would overnight change your fortunes.

Success is dependent on consistent efforts for a prolonged time. We go through our lives and let it slip. 

Morning, afternoon, and then nights, we follow the same routine pattern with exact similarity to the last day. We are what we repeatedly think or do. Sadly, we don’t recognize or self-analyze because the daily rituals become our guiding force, and we find nothing wrong in the patterns dictating our life.

The successful people you follow and idolize had once hit bottom, only to rise from the setback. The experience of the lowest point in life propelled them to make a comeback against all odds. 

The critical part is to accept where you are. If suddenly you realize that your life is upside down, admit without being hard on yourself. Take responsibility for your life and carve out a path of betterment.

I can assure you that overnight success is a farce, but you can certainly change the direction of your life overnight.

The promise of goal: Knowing your purpose

The first step is to analyze and accept where you currently stand in life. What defines you and how you want to move ahead is an important aspect. Identify yourself and make a move.

The idea is to become better every day. We often live imitating others and lose our identity in the process.

Promise yourself a goal and know your purpose. A purpose and goal-driven life have a specific direction. You can only turn around your life by identifying what you want to achieve and then creating and implementing strategies around that vision. 

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dream of meeting your heart’s desireOriah

Put your goals in writing as thoughts can easily slip away. Written goals help you stay focused and accountable. While writing them, you must put them the way you imagine. 

Goals+Strategy+Sacrifice= Achieved Purpose

Set small deadlines and milestones, and identify the resources and actions required to accomplish them. The critical aspect is what you are willing to sacrifice for this commitment?

The problem with the equation arises when we are too scared to leave our comfort zones and work on something we desire. Our comforts breed lethargy, and we live under a false premise.

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The promise of a better mindset: Keeping at it

We lose the battle in our heads, and that is disheartening. Given the right motivation and mindset, nothing seems impossible. Things we put our mind to are the things that get done. All you need is a better mindset, one that takes no distractions on your path to achievements.

In his cult book- The Obstacle Is The Way, Ryan Holiday mentions:

“In life, it doesn’t matter what happens to you or where you came from, but it matters what you do with what happens and what you are provided.”

We all fail in our goals more often than not. Part of the problem is losing focus and letting complacency and distractions seep in. The irony is that 9 out of 10 times we fail to finish things we start and give up midway, only to feel demotivated and exhausted. Imagine the reverse, and had you been successful in completing tasks you assigned throughout your life, the story would have been different.

The promise of a better mindset is the one where you lead a focused life. Once you set your eyes on the goal, you get hell-bent on making them happen despite distractions and setbacks.

The key is keeping at it. 

Sir David John Brailsford, who was the performance director of British Cycling, focused on the concept of marginal gains. The idea was to break down everything that goes into riding a bike, and then improve it by 1%, eventually marking a significant increase when put together.

The concept is relevant to our mindset, and if we can implement the marginal gains theory, there can be a dramatic shift in the results. Focus on a 1% improvement daily.

The promise of good habits: Small, consistent changes

You are your habits- good or bad. The critical part being it is something that you do regularly and repeatedly. It is a subconscious occurring. It just happens without you knowing or paying heed. 

Imagine how good habits can take you places, for you won’t struggle once they are part of your system.

Turn around in life then is not a dramatic shift but a system designed through good micro habits. Always focus on repeated behaviors as they are to compound and give you a breakthrough in life. If you are looking to develop an early morning routine, change small habits of dinner time and sleep time. You don’t wake early by thinking but back it up with little changes in the background.

Change happens gradually and with patience. Aim at making a small, consistent change over a period. Turn around equals small improvements every day. 

Get in place a system that focuses on daily change, howsoever small it may seem. It’s like a war where you win small battles. Treat your turn-around as war while your defining daily habits as small battles.

The promise to utilize your time: Evaluating

Evaluate this crucial aspect. Once you master time, there is always that extra available. Your goal, mindset, and habits provide a blueprint to be implemented through effective time management. 

Social media hours, TV hours, working hours, and spare hours are aspects to watch. The goals don’t happen themselves but by efficient time allotment. 

The 24 hours won’t change but squeezing time for essential activities is the focus. Moreover, it gives you an overall view of prudent time administration.

You’ve heard about this many times before, but there is a reason why this is of significance. Sit down with yourself and take stock of the time you spend, and to your dismay, you’ll realize that a large portion of your daily routine goes on unnecessary or unproductive activities. 

When you binge-watch, you spend hours at a stretch.

TV kills your hours.

Phone usage in the bathroom.

Social media addiction-mindless scrolling.

A productive day creation depends on conscious choice. It rests on your discipline and commitment to make the day your own. Once you cut and squeeze time from trivial activities, there will be more at your disposal.

The promise to learn a new skill: Ignite

Your life is a classic example of missed chances. The thing is, we get into a sustainable trap of routine following set patterns. It’s like being programmed to clear the steps and get into a glorified job, but then what? For most of us, the learning stops other than the experiences at the workplace.

Life becomes a circle of monotony with fixed daily rituals and no value addition to the existing repertoire. Nonetheless, we can bring some excitement to our lives by learning some new skills. Not necessarily related to your job but anything that you love or something in demand and expected to enhance your overall market value.

It can be a new language, a sport, a DIY session, or any new musical instrument. Any work-related skill improving your future aspects can seriously give you a workplace advantage.

The idea of doing this is to ignite your passion and sense of creativity while simultaneously pushing you out of your comfort zone. Once you make learning a habit, it becomes a way of life, nudging you to strive for better. People with skills are confident and equipped to take on new challenges.

The promise to read daily: Perspective and Wisdom

For better decisions and improvements in life, you crave better ideas and relevant information. The source of learning and wisdom is your life experiences and books. While you get real-time experiences from your life, books provide you with adventures and encounters with people who have been through hardships and made a life out of nothing.  

Even a daily habit of reading a few pages of relevant information is enough for you. Read about any world leader, monk, billionaire, or learned person; reading is the common link. These people read and practice the things they come across. 

You may have a different perception of life from others, but reading puts you in a nice place once you realize the benefits. The top 1% of this world are the people reading 4-5 books a month. Start at 1 per month. It gives you the wisdom of 12 good books a year.

Start with personal growth, health, personal finance, and spirituality. 

Once you start reading, you realize the world is an endless opportunity. Also, reading is benefitting from someone else’s experience while you can implement the best practices without the struggle of facing adversity.

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Closing thoughts

Step out of the line and push yourself. A massive turn-around is just around the corner. Things you avoid are the recipe for your success. Once you seek discomfort and take the road less traveled, it changes you in entirety. You will be surprised to witness the potential you can unleash once you break these shackles of limitations. Focus on the right things is the only difference between you and the people who live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

Being average is easy; everyone is at it. Try a different approach. 

Change scares, but the one who dares lives a rewarding life.

The best part is- no matter how long you have traveled in the wrong direction, you can always turn around.

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