Indeed a dream job. Right? Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

“We’re looking for someone who wants to be right there. Where the roads meet. Where they cross. Right at the crossroads. We’re looking for someone who wants to be there. Right there. You don’t hesitate. Thanks! Thanks for not hesitating! Thanks for daring! Thank you!”

How’s that for a job role? It makes for a jaw-dropping read. Right?

Read again because it is the job description for a role at a train station expected to open in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2026.

Every morning the chosen employee will punch a clock in Korsvägen train station, under construction in Gothenburg, Sweden. The employee is to turn on the bright fluorescent lights, the only responsibility specified.

Fathom this:

You are supposed to go to work and assigned no tasks. You are free to read books, write, watch movies, or work on something else, or better yet, sleep. You have to log in and log out- clock your time. In other words, come and go. Moreover, the position is permanent, and you don’t have to worry about getting another job again.

It is a permanent position with the perks of an employed person in Sweden.

Monthly Salary…………………………Yes

Application Deadline……………………15th Dec 2025

Joining Date…………………………….15th Mar 2026

Online Application……………………

Qualification…………………………….Not necessary/missing

Titled “Eternal Employment”, it all started in 2017. Sweden’s Public Art Agency and the Swedish Transport Administration held an international competition to develop public artworks for the artists interested in contributing to the West Link, a new transportation hub slated to open in the city of Gothenburg in 2026.

The winner was to receive 7 million Swedish kronor that are equivalent to $750,000.

Among the winners were Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby, a pair of Swedish artists who proposed to employ a lone worker at Korsvägen, one of the West Link’s latest stations.

The project is defined both as a social experiment and a political statement.

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Check out the proposal forwarded by the duo.

“In the face of mass automation and artificial intelligence, the impending threat/promise is that we will all become productively superfluous.” We all will be ‘employed at Korsvägen,’ as it were.”

The pairs’ concern for the daily wages and income gap gets reflected since they quoted French economist Thomas Piketty’s theory about accumulated wealth that has grown at a rate that surpasses the increases in workers’ wages.

Goldin and Senneby using the same logic as Piketty’s believe that by creating a foundation to prevent the prize money from being taxed, and then investing it in the market, they can keep paying the employee’s salary for “eternity” — they defined eternity as 120 years.

“In this sense, the artwork can function as a measure of our growing inequality,” Goldin and Senneby mentioned.

The job is a response to the changing scenario of Gothenburg that was once a major industrial and shipping center. The city is also home to Volvo.

In recent times, Gothenburg’s working class finds itself left out due to the advent of commercialization.

Goldin and Senneby believe it to be a job that gives total control to the worker as an act of economic invention.

The proposals selection and backlash

The selection jury found the idea humorous, innovative, and an artistic expression of high quality.

Even Goldin and Senneby fully recognize that paying someone to show up at a train station twice to punch a time clock is unproductive and thoroughly useless.

They argue that many people believe that art is supposed to be useless. They also propose that the meaningless job could lead to the creation of a new idiom displaying apathy, idleness, and boredom.

So much for an artistic expression. Well then, that’s art for you and expressing freedom through it.

What followed was an “uproar” in Sweden when officials announced that Goldin and Senneby’s proposal had won.

The Democrats accused them of using financial realism to mock the intellectual accomplishments of the welfare state.

They are being accused of wasting taxpayers’ money, while some termed the idea as mere stupidity.

Closing thoughts

It is a radical idea, one that is not visionary for the future but certainly as a point of reference and the one to be remembered. The world benefits from ideas that challenge the status quo. Though it may seem like an utter waste, it does provide a thought-provoking chain as to where to draw the line.

Are we celebrating idleness and inactivity?

Working “as though you were at Korsvägen” may become folklore for future generations.

I work at Korsvägen will provide a new meaning to the term work.

Eyeing to become part of this renaissance, apply and see for yourself.

Let me know your views on this experimental project.

The job listing was written by the Swedish poet Lina Ekdahl and translated by Linda Schenck. 

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