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Donald Trump isn’t vacating the Presidency. China says it’s India where the COVID-19 originated. Climate change, riots, and just about everything you can lay eyes upon seems to be upside down.

The apt word would be a “royal mess.”

Moreso, the year 2020, which gave you an absolute shocker of life. I mean, who even thought of staying in their homes, not hugging, not kissing, and just about bringing an end to physical proximity.

It’s a Sunday, and you open your TV set if at all you do, and you’ll find there’s so much going around the world. What should have been a loving society has turned into a monstrous pursuit of endless possessions. 

Let’s agree on the fact that the propensity and will to consume endlessly, compromising every other aspect, has brought us to this state.

So clearly, our mindless pursuit and ways have created havoc and a tricky little situation of sorts. Well, that’s something to be discussed at length and maybe sometime later.

Our mind is a beautiful thing. The good and the worse part being, it gets tricked into doing things: right or wrong likewise. So what if there is mayhem elsewhere; control your head, and things fall in place. Stand up, chin up, and the show goes on. 

Amongst the tumultuous seas and infinite maze, this life could be, you can retain your enthusiasm and hope for life and blow that trumpet (in your head). 

Ditch the usual- Change the regular

It’s a regular start, like a grumpy morning where you hate getting up but do eventually. The day starts with sitting on the bedside with the phone in your hands, scrolling down on the notifications with dusty eyes and messy hair.

Anyway, you get up, and the phone goes with you while you freshen up. Typically, the same routine where you scroll, piss, shit, bath, and then eat your way to the start of the day.

Throw in some shitty news along the way that eats up your mindshare.

Now, imagine what if you get up well, and instead of checking on the phone, you meditate. Rather than being grumpy, you wake up with a purpose and the will to make something of the day.

What was, need not be what is. Just because you have lived a certain way necessarily mean it needs to continue. A few tweaks to help you live well are always welcome.

So pull up your socks and shake up things. Ditch the morning grumpiness with exercise, meditation, music, and positive affirmations.

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Find your Ikigai- True life calling!

It is no secret that once you love something or find something meaningful and worth pursuing, everything else takes a back seat. When life engulfs you with monotony, the only thing you can fall back on is your calling.

The world today is home to stress, depression, and illness, and Ikigai can be your savior. There’s no point getting stuck in the complexity of what Ikigai is? The word may seem fancy and peculiar, but it is honestly about finding real purpose in life.

The key to Ikigai is: know what you love and what you aspire to do. Your Ikigai is key to your fulfillment and happiness, and once you find yours, it becomes your most powerful weapon. 


Start being kind- Random little acts

Everybody thinks they are kind. The truth is far from it. Kind in your head and kind in your actions are poles apart. For most of us, we are kind, but in our heads.

The other problem being, we think kindness is directly related to money and its transaction. You can be kind in multiple ways.

How does it help? The argument being, how does my being kind help me?

So, let’s look at a few things.

Didn’t you feel good when you genuinely smiled at someone?

You shared your food with someone hungry.

You appreciated somebody for their deeds.

Didn’t you feel nice when you were concerned about someone’s well being?

There is no power more self-rewarding than recognizing the impact that a small gesture of kindness from you. 

Sink that feeling by imagining the difference that it made in someone’s day or life. 

The feeling derived out of the act of helping others and being kind is enough to retain your enthusiasm for life.

Pen your goals: Write

In times of doom and gloom, try focusing on what you aspire. Sometimes everything around you seem to be falling apart. It seems nothing works, and life is one sucker punch thrown at you.

Times like these may bring you down and railroad into a thought of self-doubt and bouts of depression.

Think yourself into things you want to pursue and make a living out of them. Once you find some clarity, and even if you don’t, write down your thoughts. 

Pen your goals, thought patterns, and what you are willing to sacrifice for them.

This one exercise ensures you keep your mind off distractions because once you pen down something, it becomes embedded into your call to action, driving you towards the desired results.

Imagine writing things you plan on having five years from now and then noting down the sacrifices you are willing to make. 

Isn’t this igniting enough to keep that enthusiasm flow running?

Invest in your health: Physical and Mental

The only thing permanent with you is your health. Nothing makes sense if your health isn’t on the brighter side.

A healthy body lets you make the most of life. Moreover, if you are nurturing any goals of finding that perfect physique or toned body, now is the time. Once you zero down on what you intend to achieve, you find purpose, and this itself is good enough to keep you inspired.  

Similar to the physical aspect, make a point to push yourself towards some new learnings and experiences. It keeps your mind active and energizes your life. Experiences and learnings feed your mind like chicken soup for the soul.

Start reading books, learn some new skills. You’ll find how much you were missing on and there’s life beyond the daily rituals you hold so dear.

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