It’s not shitty writing. It’s not writing.

Let the ink flow. Photo by David Pennington on Unsplash

“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.”

― Lisa See

Writing is an enigma, sort of, yes. The daily grind comes at a price you chose to pay. I believe things are overcomplicated and glamourized when it comes to putting words on paper.

Writing is neither complicated nor needs romanticizing. 

You see all sort of advice pouring in from each quarter about how to get better and master the craft. 

There are invariably more pieces written about “how to write” than the actual writing itself.  

The thing is, we love to read and create a fantasy in our heads, while execution is what we lack. We soak up or rather suck up to tons of articles, but when it comes to implementing, we are clueless about what to do?

Hence, I say, writing needs simplicity. It needs an effort like done while walking. You get up and walk and not read about how your left leg goes or where the right leg follows. Everything else comes later, but first, you walk.

Writing is similar- everything comes later, but first, you write. It can be as simple as walking while our overworked up brains make it some sort of space mission with multiple checks. Once everything falls in place, the spacecraft zooms, or the keys clink, and the pen moves.

Everybody aims to write a viral article or a best selling book, but nobody plans to write. Yes, write. Good, bad, or ugly because you have no business to write an outstanding piece before you’ve pooped or written the bad. Once you write shitty drafts or bad stuff, you gauge the real problem.

It’s not shitty writing. It’s not writing.

I understand that you plan to write something that the internet goes gaga over or admires as Kim K’s butt. Yes, I understand. Go, write something bad first, and know what it’s like to write.

Creating anything from scratch is an art, and you keep perfecting it with time and many failed write-ups. The journey brings rejections, negative feedback, and anxiety with it. The persistent ones stay and slog to bear the fruits of their struggle.

The key to writing is putting together your ideas in a readable format to present before the readers.

Read(Just about anything under the sun)

A well-read person has an abundance of ideas and plots to be carved to create a worthy post. When you read, you pass through different concepts and situations. 

Someone with fundamental observation picks a few of them and puts together a great post. 

The more you read, the more aware you become. Your writing flows since ideas are pouring inside your head.

Peace(Distraction sways)

You cant afford distraction while writing. It is like using both hands that messes up your mind. Sit in silence and calm. It provides clarity of thoughts that eventually leads to a great flow in your post. 

A distracted mind would take hours to produce quality content, while a peaceful state of even 30- 40 min can provide a masterpiece.

The shitty first draft

The first draft is primarily your initial thoughts. It may be pathetic but build on it. Often we start with a loose draft that seems crap and eventually turn it to become a winner. The key is to start with whatever your thoughts are, gradually developing and bettering along the way.

Multiple shitty drafts

Start with multiple ideas and save them. You can eventually pick and choose the best one. Creating various topics ensures variety to choose from since you can fall back on a specific topic. It also provides you with an option to decide your thought flow in a definite direction. 

We have numerous ideas itching to come out, and this catalyzes the process of picking the right one to scale on.

Keep writing

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

Once you begin writing, there are two situations mainly. First, the ideas keep flowing naturally, and it is just about putting them meaningfully. Second, you get stuck, and there is a deadlock on how to move ahead. 

Let’s address the first one. Once you have free-flowing views, you should resume writing to them. You can always edit and bring together the article in a logical flow later. 

If there is a deadlock, think about why you even started writing. Sit back and relax. Try figuring a pattern as to what information is requisite for your post. You may refer to some content online to get back on your thinking shoes. 

Whatever the situation may be, do not let a minor setback hassle you. Keep punching the keys with whatever idea flows inside.

No rules

Yes, write whatever comes to you. The key to writing is avoiding distraction, and rules will distract you. If you feel you are writing crap, so be it. Keep at it. Do not let the ideas and creativity to get judged upon the rules of writing. It is your article, your post, and you decide the rules here. 

You can always go back and edit things you may not like. Remember that it is possible to edit a bad write-up, not a blank write-up.

Final edit

OK, so you have done all the absurdity in the post. You wrote without rules and put your creative fluids to use. Now you can fix the post. Remember how I mentioned that a poor write-up is editable, not a blank one. Let’s presume this as a poor write-up that needs fixing. 

Your inhibitions regarding writing and how to stitch together a post have been taken care of now. It happened because you did not care and kept writing. Now is the time to shape up the work in the best possible way. 

Not following rules gave you the liberty to write your heart out that made ideas and creativity lingering inside that head of yours brought to light. Invest time in perfecting your piece, even if it takes a day or two.

It takes time to perfect any art, and writing is no exception. Few rejections and failures should not define you. Your persistence will.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

— Richard Bach

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