The year you waited is here. Now?

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Do you remember the euphoria you felt on 31st Dec 2019 to welcome 2020 with your full might?

Here came 2020 and dashed hopes of one and all alike. Had I or anyone would have known what’s in store, we would have slept through the celebrations on new year’s eve. After all, why waste the energy and wake through the night to walk into a disaster celebrated last night.

Midway through the year, I had this trivial thought of wasting money on the celebrations to welcome a new year. I said, and I quote- so much money and energy for this disastrous year. I had better slept and saved rather than dancing on, “we will rock you.”

Look who rocked the entire year now said the year.

Go easy on yourself for the missed opportunities or staying below the productive threshold. The year was tough with a constant threat looming over your head, the one that may take away your life. So, if things didn’t go right, you can fall back on the pandemic year and crib. Yes, you can.

I’d give this much to me and you both.

Having said that, how did you react to the year? The year was pathetic and swept away your dreams and blah blah, but what did you do?

Did you use this opportunity to grow and prepare for worst-case scenarios? It’s easier crying for the lost chances, but how about creating new ones. 

The period from March to December can be one of the most defining periods of your life. When there is the adversity of such a massive proportion, your character comes to the rescue. To lose sense and blame is a default everyone does, the tenacious and intelligent ones make the right moves.

Did you make the right moves?

If you thought you should play this as an excuse year, it’s on to you now. Things will get back to normal, but making up for the lost ground will take some doing now.

Always remember- You are what you did when you could have been comfortable doing nothing.

Going from 2020 to 2021won and making it “The Year.”

I am not going to deny the fact that it won’t be easy. Never will be. Imagine how the last ten months have gone by for you. Life took a hairpin bend with an unclear destination and lots to ponder on.

Virtual meetings, dates, and just about everything that required you was replaced by virtual you. 

With nowhere to go, people found solace in their TV’s and couches. The OTT platforms have been the biggest beneficiaries in this pandemic as the world had the time, and they had the content. 

I am sure the new normal we spoke about the entire year will be replaced by the old normal. There will be changes ahead, but a landscape change, on the whole, will need creative and innovative inputs throughout the coming times for a gradual shift. 

To kick off your 2021, start with self-analysis. Give time for introspection. It’s not philosophical but uplifting. The year went through in jiffy and chaos. We couldn’t get around it and control even trivial aspects of our lives. 

Think about the last year as a chink in the armor and plan for a more robust way ahead. The year is gone, but here you are with your ambitions and goals. Look back only to take stock. Focus forward while using the past as a reference for a better tomorrow.

Focus on things as they are, not how they should be

In short, focus on what you can control. We are guilty of trying to change everything in our sight. Acceptance is the key to move ahead. I am asking you to give up the fight, not your dreams.

The paradigm shift from fighting reality to acceptance puts us in a better place. It helps us set things in perspective and find a way, rather than lament missed opportunities.

Look around, and you see people wasting a whole lot of time and energy fretting about things they cannot control or change. From talks about vaccination to lockdowns, their world revolves around invisible circumstances they try to influence. 

Can you do something about a vaccine?

Are you alone going to turnaround the economy?

What if there is another lockdown post-vaccination?

Ask yourself these questions, for they reveal your helplessness and respect for a precarious situation that demands acceptance.

Focus on the things you can control- Your thoughts and action.

Either you put your mind into the things that have gone wrong, or you can action and execute your plans.

Accept what is and move on.

Find that one thing and get hell-bent making it happen

I started writing in 2012 and then in 2017, and then in 2018. The difference- Last year, I wrote 50 blogs compared to 5 for the earlier three years. The thing is, I gave myself the ultimatum to write 100 articles. My theory is to put money and start investing your time, and you’ll gradually know if you are up to the task.

So, here came the domain purchase and what not. Things had to move, or else the money and time investment would be laughing in my face. Various writing platforms, and ten months later, here I am writing. My writing has not set the blogging scene on fire, but it has provided an inroad to make a mark. If a few souls like what I write, so be it. The numbers and money are a mere outcome.

Yes, writing gets my adrenaline, but am I good enough to even sustain for a period. 

Writing is my thing, and I won’t stop.

Find a thing, and the thing finds you.

Chance only gets you as far. You increase your odds of getting something by wanting it first. The more you want, the better your odds.

The beauty of desire is clarity. It only takes a clear mind to figure out your path. Once you know the end goal, there is no stopping. The only thing is to start. Start even if you are not sure. Everything converges to make it happen when you get hell-bent. 

Find a thing and start doing it. No questions asked. Just do. Along your way, you’ll find answers to your initial apprehensions. How, when, and where is sorted once you begin.  

The hero of your story

Who else, if not you?

We are guilty of putting ourselves down. We find reasons to feel demotivated or let down. Our past plays a major role in shaping our identities, and we get stuck in it.

We keep reminding ourselves of the areas we have failed and find ourselves in a pit with nowhere to go. We identify with our past repeating the same mistakes while cementing the identity of our same old self we so desperately want to change.

If only our past failures should act as lessons to move forward rather than being a deterrent to living.

I can look back and point to multiple things where I failed and would love to change. Some things bother me to the extent of frustration and deliberation. I could have done this instead of that, and the list never ends. That being said, it’s natural to ponder over decisions and the past. The only problem- We get stuck in the past and decisions which didn’t go well. 

If the whole point of deliberation is to find a way forward, we are doing it wrong for now.

I’d say- Be the hero of your story this year. You are a formidable unit; act like one. Change your entire perspective towards life. See yourself as self-savior. You can either play the victim or become a hero. The latter gives control and power you wish in life. 

Change the story you play in your mind.

Move from a victim mindset towards being a protagonist.

That thing you fear the most, do it.

You wanted to have a side-hustle but are afraid. Just do it.

Have hope and belief, rather than assuming.

Make small milestones and achieve them as your life depends on them.

Closing lines

The resolutions won’t help. Your resolve will. Move into the year with a purpose and sense of enthusiasm. What if you failed or underachieved the last year. You are not alone. What defines you is your propensity to rise back and get going. You can feed enough stories inside your head to convince you of having lost your path, but will it help?

You alone can change and create something beautiful. 

Rise and win this new year, for there is nothing to lose. Make it “the year.” 

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