Earlier known inscriptions. Photo by Daniela Turcanu on Unsplash

We love writing. Don’t we?

Our very core wonders. We observe others and ourselves. Do we also wonder why we write?

Yes, I do. We all do. I wonder why we write. What brings me back to a pen, paper, and keyboard to put down my thoughts or observations or just to let it all out and express? 

Sometimes it flows, while sometimes it may not. The urge to pen down a thought even if the mind resists is what makes me wonder. At times, the world around me tends to fall and crumble, but not my desire to write. 

I would love to go down writing just like the warriors revel in their honor to go down fighting. Lend me a pen and paper, and I am good to go. If nothing, I can pen down my last-minute thoughts. Who knows what gold may come out from a dying man. 

It’s okay to skip a meal but not the zeal that burns so bright as there has to be something we can write. Yes, I can watch that series on Netflix, but something inside me tricks to write.

The urge

All writers a driven by an urge to tell people who they are. Writing is essentially a means to communicate and express. It makes us human, vulnerable, strong, weak, and everything you can associate with expression and being humane.

Over the past many years, various theories have emerged regarding the rationale for writers writing. There is no right answer, but only an answer as to why someone writes. 

Some might argue, writing is about sharing something. Some say making connections is the guiding light here.

The likelihood that a word, sentence, perhaps a book, or phrase can bring about a change in readers’ life or implant a seed that may nurture and grow into a reformative idea is an impulse that excites a writer. Writers can change the world for their word knows no boundary. It reaches across borders and ages and yet retains the essence. 

No wonder you read a Gita, Bible, or a Qoran, for they connect you with a higher power. Hey, they are only words, but the impact is profound. You relate and bathe in the beauty of something written centuries ago. The writer is to credit for his motive was noble. 

Writing is said to be a solitary exercise and considered monotonous and boring. Yet, writers form a bond with many readers who connect and share the perspective.

“It links the writer to a reader, the reader to the writer, and reader to readers in an indescribable bond.

But why must we?

I speak for us, and our fixation on writing is- indefinable.

Why do we bleed words? We do, and there is no complete feeling than to stitch few words together and influence society. There are stories to be told, and our words their fodder. No wonder we love communicating and expressing ourselves with the world. We have to write. Writing is a must, and it defines us.

Is it the money?

Is it something else? 

What gets to our nerve? We produce content, aware of the possible outcomes. It may get lost in oblivion or bring shine to the name and the stitched words.

Either way, we are not sure, but we are confident of plotting words. 

But, that is not it. Is it?

The desire to tell stories is a common thread holding this community. Everyone has theirs, and it brings diversity among the uniformity. 

The human soul recognizes this like a bee realizes the nectar-filled flower.

We humans had been speaking for some hundred thousand years before getting inspiration to inscribe something for the future. 

It all changed when the Mesopotamians (Sumerians) scribbled some bookkeeping symbols on clay tablets 5,000 years ago, heralding a new era in history that we call, well, history.

From Henrik Ibsen to William Faulkner and Darwin to Freud and Karl Marx, the written words have done wonders for the world. We live by and understand world affairs through them.

The inherent reason to produce a piece or series that impacts the generations to come is through true intentions.

The question stays. Why?

I believe part of the reason we find this question enthralling is- it has no right answer. We can try putting words in the well, but I’m afraid there would be no water to be extracted, only drops.

As a result, we have to acknowledge the vastness of the task, and it requires to be split into various little truths though partial, we can then line them into a formation for understanding the truth.

I am no authority on this subject, but a writer who writes. There is a “why” to everyone who writes, and I could think of a few reasons that come naturally. The confessions a writer makes to himself.

Writing is expressing your feelings. Write when you cant say

We speak the entire day, but to find a way to bare it all, we write. There are things best left unsaid but written. Any words you put down comes from a deep sense of expression. There are things and thoughts left unsaid due to a sense of discomfort, but you find solace in written words. 

It provides you with an opportunity to lay it all in the open. Wonder how people ferociously type long WhatsApp messages while they are unable to express in person. 

How often we examine, post our conversation about something we said that we regret later. There are times we wish we could undo what we said in the heat of the moment since it all came out ugly.

Writing saves you from this situation. More often than not, it’s the most effective communication mode. Why?

  • It allows you to organize the thoughts.
  • You have the time. Even if there’s shit to write, you can sugarcoat it.
  • There is no fear of immediate response or reaction from the reader.
  • Nobody influences your thinking. 

Writing is a sneak peek at us and how we live

Photo by Mona Eendra on Unsplash

Pick up the stories written these days. Writers write about their life experiences, discoveries, sorrows, and joys. We are the most clueless species when it comes to knowing about ourselves, yet the only one who can describe self better than most.

Though writing is a reflection of the world around us, it is also about finding self. A process that provides a deep introspection within. Once you write, the self-discovery begins, even if you don’t intend to. 

Writing is mostly an echo of your life brought back to life by words. The beauty is- A reader can easily resonate with your life experiences and connect at some level. While it’s something you may not intend, but somehow it brings about a change to someone’s life. 

Isn’t it liberating?

There is no deliberate attempt to write about my own life; I never mention people I know as some characters. 

Still, I end up doing it.

I am the hero, villain, and sidekick. I am the characters and the story. 

My story offers me reprieve and pain both. It provides an opportunity to know my who and why. 

The writer, characters, and the story are one.

Writing is a medium for change

Not everybody is a warrior with a sword or a speaker with an audience, or a leader with followers. Some write. 

It doesn’t matter what genre you write. Yes, there are multiple niches in the field, and everyone picks their own, but it matters.

Your published work influences the reader and becomes a catalyst for change. How often we read an astonishing article and then bring about changes in our lives? It happens all the time and no surprise why self-help and productivity lead the pack and rule the roost. 

When your words get read, they influence the readers and creates a small ripple of change in the world.

A writer has this unique and powerful position to lead a change and make a difference. Your words can do magic when you speak your mind and take a stand for what you believe. 

Part of the reason why a writer writes is for a change. We believe that we are here to influence. Writers feel they have a mission to accomplish. You can think of it as a purpose, but it feels like an inner push to be of service with each piece published.

Closing thoughts

Find your reason to write and keep at it. The reason may not fall under the views discussed above, and it’s okay. Maybe you write for money, fame, or success. Go for it and give yourself a chance to explore more. It can be for money, but who knows, you find a deeper meaning once those words flow. 

Writing not only puts you out there vulnerable, but it opens you to a multitude of possibilities you wouldn’t notice resting within you. There are very few ways to connect deep within your soul and produce words that bring together like minds and thoughts.

Let me know if this was worth your while.

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