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Hey You,

Yes, we understand how pointless everything seems right now because of the monotony of life. The daily slog and effort is your way to fight another day and stay afloat on this ride called life. Life has its way of humbling you, for one day you might feel on top, and the other day you feel lost. The daily grind wears you down till you slide into your bed, waiting for the mornings to rise. Is it all worth you begin to wonder, and it all seems so pointless?

We understand, and we see you. We are witness to your inner demons and how you try to hold them all together. You start and get into the daily struggle and work hard. We see that. You fight against all odds and yet manage to keep that precious smile. You take on life with your best capabilities. Some days you bow down, while there are days you fight and keep it all going. After all, there are faces back home you can’t bear to disappoint.

You are not your best on days while somedays you manage the superhuman effort. You keep the dice rolling even when things are slowing. You may not be the best, not the well-kempt, or the best dressed, but you manage to give it your best. Even with your heavy heart and aching spirit, you reflect a resolute so definite. You know there is no stopping or halt, for there will be questions that this was all your fault. You go further with more vigor and fervor.

You take care of the people around as you need to climb the debts mound. You have things to look after where you can not falter. You keep the food on the table and bring that shiny new thing all wanted, and it all seems so exalted. A good day shows on your face and leaves its trace, not before the grind took away all your grace. It is just another day, for there are many to come with the behest of no rest. Is it all till you take the fall?

The nights scream at you, for they need answers. Did you make this day count? Was it worth to be noted as critical? Your heart knows you gave it your all, but your mind is unsure. It screeches and keeps you awake, hoping for an answer and a mistake. You shout to make your case to announce your sincere endeavor, only to witness your voice lost in your cadaver. Is it all pointless, you think, only to let sleep take over you in a blink?

There are times you want to cry. There are times you want to run, and there will be times you get upset with how unfair everything is. We are allowed to scream, cry and feel frustrated with the irony that is life. You thought you’ll be understood and loved and that someone lends a helping hand or a shoulder to cry, but when it all seems so dry, the soul seems to cry, but all you could do is try. Life is a pointless affair, you declare with despair.

We’re allowed to mourn, for we’ve been strong for long. You lend your support for some aching soul and comfort them with your words. You are a rock to people around, for you’re always there when you heard a heart moan in the most silent of tone. You cry in the dark to avoid the light and fill the void, for who gives strength to others need not show their weaker side. You take it all in and absorb the pain, believing your tears won’t fall in vain.

We are entitled to stop the madness. We’re allowed to feel what love brings and the passion that being embraced springs. We are human after all and to be heard and accepted is what makes us enthrall. You can stop when you are tired and seek support, for this reality you live in is truly distort. We deserve the love and direction that comes with the perils of life, only to feel wanted since we fight all alone. Rise again, for tomorrow is a new day.

We are essential, and so is our life. There are times when no matter how hard we try, we continue to struggle, and it all seems so pointless. We all run the lone race, but we are not alone. What may be a heartbreak today will turn into sunshine tomorrow. Yes, it all seems pointless sometimes, but you managed to move on. You passed another day, struggling and toiling, but you did. Pat on your back and cut yourself some slack. What seems pointless is your journey to explore your true potential.

You made it today. You will make it again.
Extend your arm, only to find someone holding you.
Cry out loud, and someone will listen.
You will survive like you did today.

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