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There you are; one heck of a life where you have it by the scruff of the neck, and having fun. Everything seems to be on track. You are the king, prince, and general of your little world never looking back, but onward. It all seems to work and whatever you lay your hands or eyes on tends to come off well. What could be more perfect than this you think?

Alas! life joins in the party and delivers a scathing blow sending you into a tizzy. Your perfect life comes crashing down and everything seems to be falling apart. The world you so ideally created shows cracks and the next thing you know, it all crumbles.

This article is not your perfect solution to when life goes tough what to do question? 

I would touch upon certain things that make you and me what we are, and the remedies present to manage a situation that seems overwhelming. This is not to say that I’ve had it worse than you, but I’m just stating that at times everything around us falls apart, isolating us. The challenge is to get ourselves up, putting it all together, and engaging again.

Unfortunately, that is how it is. Our worlds get hammered into pieces like crushed rock, leaving us in devastation. Just because our lives took a blow doesn’t mean giving up and falling apart. Everybody suffers at some point in time and we feel like giving up due to the enormity of the situation.

I have been in miserable situations when the only thought overpowering life was- how the fuck did I get here?  There have been sleepless months, long drives with no destination, and all fucked up stuff you could imagine. 

So, how could one put things back to sanity when it all goes haywire. We need simplicity more than ever while dealing with situations of our well-being. 

Take a breather: Stop in your tracks

It just so happens that we constantly try pushing ourselves over the edge to sort out everything. While it looks like the most prominent and viable solution, it only ends up exhausting you. You don’t need a quick fix to everything every time. Sometimes taking a backseat and observing is all that is required. 

This may sound insane. Aren’t we supposed to slog it when the chips are down and push for a fix? No, we can as well take a breather and look at things from different perspectives. You’ll be surprised at the power of observation while looking away. 

We are so engrossed in our lives to take notice of the happening that goes on. Imagine this as a piece of advice you are giving to yourself, but with detachment. Ever wondered how you navigate flawlessly, giving directions to the driver while sitting beside but seem to be confused when driving and finding a certain location on your own? 

Back in 2018-19, my supposedly perfect life turned into misery and grief. It’s surprising how we question everything when we are at the receiving end, while we so willfully watch the world around us in pity and never challenge anything.

I took a break and stopped. Realizing that an overcharged emotions or my quest to fix things instantly and get back to my old self are a long shot, I just stopped. It’s like taking a break from everything for a definite period to evaluate yourself. The upside of taking a breather is underutilized by us. We tend to look outward for solutions while they lie within us. A break gives you a sense. It pushes you to sit with your thoughts and manage emotions well. 

From a short vacation to a period of complete lull, find your empowering downtime away from distractions.

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It happens: Forego the exclusivity syndrome and act

And you thought this is all exclusive to you. One of the defining moments in times of distress is the realization that we are not alone. We are not exclusively chosen for the suffering. It happens to everybody. Isn’t it an easy task to single out yourself while cribbing why it happened to you? You weren’t complaining when you saw people sleeping on the roads, no complaints when you had it all easy in life while others struggle to make ends meet. Why the shit now? Just because you’ve had your share of trouble shouldn’t give you the leverage to act naive.

We are all happy sleeping in our cozy beds, driving our favorite vehicles, and eating our favorite foods that all seem like reality while we choose to look another way. While you were having your favorite steak in an AC restaurant, many out there were struggling to put food on the table. While you were complaining of fewer clothes in your wardrobe, people slept naked under scorching heat or cold. 

When life hammers and crushes you into pieces, it’s comfortable to sit and crib looking at the shattered pieces. 

It happens and the sooner you get this fact straight, the better it gets. You act when things go haywire. So it happened with you- big deal. It had to at some point. Pick up the pieces, put them back together and move. At least, you will be stronger and proud that you could fix it. 

Always remember- lemon or wrecking ball, life is gonna throw things at you that needs fixing. Lemonade or just juice, take your call and move on.

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Little things: Fix them

Often our heads get into a complete makeover mode. We barge into the fixing cycle intending to straighten out everything and make large-scale changes. We intend to conquer the world for once. There is no stopping by and all we desire is- change everything. 

The problem is- abrupt and drastic changes equate to instant gratification. While it may bring some results, it is not sustainable and viable as an option. 

Instead, fix little things. Hustle small but do it. It’s like dressing where things go with certain places and you do it systematically. Yes, we crave a solution to our problems instantly, but putting things back to where they belong takes effort and time. While you may be getting impatient not seeing results, every little step taken augments the healing process.

You are where you are because of your past decisions. Look out for anomalies in little things you could have done well. Start fixing them. Life is about reinventing and making most of the situations at hand. Look closely and within and you’ll find things you ought to tweak. Now is the time. Holding onto your old habits and beliefs will bite you in the ass if not changed. They are the ones that got you here in the first place.

Go for that gym membership, start running, ignore toxic people, listen to your heart, and make amends wherever possible. These are little things but when done with a purpose consistently they bring about a huge change in your overall well-being.

At my worst, I didn’t decide to fight against the world and bring everything down. It was about small things and little tweaks that needed my attention. Moreover, they made me view life differently. I meditated, read a lot, changed my living routine, and remodeled just about every minute detail that derailed me or held me back.

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Begin: Start something new

Why not? It took a tragedy and pandemic to sit my ass over a chair and punch those keys to write. The ideal way to overcome the situation at hand was to put my head into something worthwhile. How else do you plan to get out of the vicious circle of procrastination and overcharged emotions taking over you? 

Sometimes all it needs is a conscious effort towards the right direction to triumph over a lost cause. Bring new activities in your life rather than putting effort into suppressing the existing emotions and problems. Replacing better and new habits for progress is a more suitable option. When you adopt things you’ve been siding or avoiding for a long period, it provides a fresh lease of life. There is something to look forward to rather than sulking your way out of problems.

Begin a new venture, some adventure, a solo trip maybe, or that small business you always wanted to start. It will inspire and motivate you. You may lose your sleep, but not for the wrong reasons. You may be exhausted, but for the right reasons. Moreover, life tends to find meaning when engaged with correct energies and purpose.

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Wrapping up, I’d say

In the end, remember how far you’ve already made, and that there is nothing that should stop you from going further. There may be a glitch now, but you can tide over things just like you’ve done all this time. What would life be if not for a challenge now and then? Do you believe that growth happens when all is hunky-dory and comfortable?

You are the aggregate of your hard times. 

Following these basic principles is all you need to put it all together when life seems to be falling apart.

Do let me know how you managed a tough phase in your life.

Thanks for reading.

Let me know if this was worth your while.