Photo by Ajay Karpur on Unsplash

Listen to the Stories You Tell Yourself as You’ll End up Living Those

How much of your life do you remember? Think over. How much of it can you recall? What stories do you remember?

Pretty sure there are a few moments here and there linked with some happenings. We all have our moments. We tell stories to ourselves and end up living them.

Why I ask about how much you recall is a testimony to how we live. The thing is- if we won’t remember even half of the half we live, then what do we?

Everything happens or doesn’t due to the stories we keep playing in our heads. Yes, those electrical impulses dictating 99.99 percent of what we are to become.

What’s interesting here is- you win or lose in your head before the thing even starts as It all pans out exactly the way your head played it.

Now before you hang me for being all philosophical over you, I’ll confess right now that this article is not about some “hidden power” or “unleashing some beast within” or how some ‘mystery’ will magically unlock a treasure for you. Moreover, there is no secret and mystery behind any of it. It’s a plain, simple truth you ought to realize(me included).

It all comes down to the how and why of your thought process. We unknowingly execute our life basis on the stories we feed to our minds. The stories we remember and the others we don’t are all part of the gig called life.

The thing is

We are the stories we tell ourselves. Some we remember, and the others we do not. Everyone tells themselves some shit and falls or rises from it.

We all do it. Some get lost, while others stick. Furthermore, we define our lives to accommodate the story we tell ourselves. This constant repetition breeds reality, and we become what we keep telling ourselves. We become the story.

I was always inclined towards spiritual pursuits. The money chase never made me happy. Yes, it pays my bills and puts delicacies on the table, but it doesn’t define me. I left the rat race way back. It made me happy. When people flaunt their fancy phones, a shit load of new clothes, or some vacation, I was just calm that all is peaceful with me. I live a minimalist life, and that is my superpower.

The truth about vacations, fancy gadgets, and race to the top is two-pronged. It gives them what they aspire but at what cost? Happiness and satisfaction are not a sworn outcome of this approach. You can slog, buy or find alternatives to everything, but will it satiate your desires is a different story.

Why I put forth the happiness discourse here?

I do, as it is the story I keep telling myself. It defines me.

Not wanting the things you so dearly watch your favorite influencer flaunting over social media is not suggesting I live a dull life. I happen to live with a different approach. It may not be right but works for me.

Society sets the boundaries for your can’s and can not’s. It conditions your thought process from the very onset. In turn, we feed ourselves the stories to fit within these set expectations and search for what works and what doesn’t within the limited gambit provided to us.

Through multiple changes, we come out as the leader of our life story. Imagine the gravity of the situation. We feed us the mental garbage unknowingly and become who we are.

Isn’t the thought scary?

Society always wants us to conform and fit in within the narrative. We then are not the protagonist, as to say. We are merely supporting actors to the storyline drilled in our heads.

Our limiting stories

“What you think, you become.”- Buddha

And isn’t the above truth your reality now?

What we think, we become. The narrative played inside our heads creates our reality. Manifestation starts with a planted seed. How do you suppose the self-help and manifestation market has gone from mere zilch to billions?

Your mother and granny told you to think well, say good things and do good. Why?

It’s because it creates a rippling effect. The better thoughts and words you have, the more hardwired you get towards positivity and good outcomes. The entire personal growth industry revolves around thoughts and energies. Who creates that?

You. What are these thoughts and energies? They are simply the story we tell ourselves.

So, when you get asked to visualize and imagine as a filthy rich person, you are technically asked to feed a story about riches. The riches and extravagance that ain’t there yet, but you try creating a positive story.

I remember having a conversation with my pal about how I want to live in the future.

I told him, “I am done with all these daily targets and the slog and for what. Besides, is home really for sleeping after a shitty day in your fucked up job?”

He asked me about my plans, and I was like, “Well, I want peace and move back to my home town with my parents and see them grow old while me being for them by their side.”

That is the story I fed myself, and I live it now. It became a reality after many years of slog and hustle, but it did. It happened as this was the only thing that played all those years in between.

We create stories for ourselves in various ways.

Maybe you love playing guitar, but your dad wanted you to become an engineer. He constantly tells you about how successful you’ll become when you get a certain degree and a job. Your idea of success then changes as you see people all around grinding to get that next big degree or a job, giving up on your own story.

Maybe you were raised in a poor family. You’ve witnessed the struggle to make ends meet and a regular breakdown of your parents while cursing how they don’t have enough. It leaves a profound impact on your thinking. Your relationship with money is forever screwed since you start viewing it as the roadblock to happiness.

Why do we then create limiting stories?

Our brains are hardwired for certainty because we love a certain outcome. The unpredictability scares us. Our brains hate mystery, and we end up making false stories to keep it happy. Not only It makes us feel better, but it also stables the brain.

We generate stories suggesting we are not enough, and we do this to keep uncertainty at bay.

Wrapping up, I’d say

Next time you tell a story, think well and get to the root of your thoughts. Why is it that you tell yourself a certain thing?

Is there a better narrative available that can override your existing beliefs? The primary obstacle to our stories is that we make ourselves the culprits because we define ourselves as incapable and incompetent. The more we believe there is something wrong with us, the more it permeates into reality.

Think about how these stories impact your life. The ideal way to deal with all the rambling inside your head is to rewrite your stories. Make them work for you rather than against you.