Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Spirituality and dissent go hand in hand, just like lovers exploring love. For a seeker, dissent is the beginning of spirituality. We hear about the right to dissent and how this democratic right is endangered today. Spirituality is reliant on dissent and the seeker’s audacity to challenge the existing doctrines and dogmas related to life. Philosophy, caste, creed, and any rituals are all but a mere roadblock for a seeker.

A seeker doesn’t believe and accepts the scenario as presented, but he seeks. He seeks answers about his genuine feelings and questions everything. Seekers aren’t content with the way things are, but they want to know how things are if they are. Spirituality then is about seeking and not following. Nobody teaches spirituality, but yourself, for the path to seek is laden with hardships.

You only seek when you dissent. Had you accepted the status quo, there ain’t dissent, nor spirituality. No wonder schools and universities shirk away from it because of the multitude and sheer gravity of the purview.
Dissent is seekers ammunition to question. At the same time, dissent isn’t for individual benefits or disruptions into other’s lives. It is the path chosen by the seeker to satiate the desire for coming to terms with the unflinching thirst of seeking. The idea is to understand without the disorder to others. The questions, hardships, and the journey is self-imposed. Above all, it’s the sheer belief towards the path that exiles them into a lifelong search. The dissent also proves that the seeker hasn’t put any conclusion about life.

For the seeker, life is as-is. Therefore, he evaluates life basis experiences drawn from long and arduous experiments. When the seeker has no pre-conceived notions about life, it implies he is open to learnings. Spirituality demands courage because it takes acceptance of ignorance. Once you accept this, you invite and enter the spiritual realm. Admitting ignorance is a start of a noble pursuit. A seeker gains clarity of thoughts, and while a seeker grows clarity, they are always uncertain. For a seeker, certainty is a myth. In other words, clarity brings the certainty of the uncertainty. What seems like a paradox is the beginning of enlightenment.

A seeker takes a stand of no position. He doesn’t attach himself with a tag, for a position breeds conflict. Once you are liberated from materialistic desires and doubt the existence, it marks the beginning of a great possibility. An endless stream of positive emotions and calmness descends upon you. Dissent is natural and also the inception of the path to the greater good. It is similar to the difference between doubt and suspicion. Your doubts are a natural outcome of ignorance, while suspicion reeks infirmity.

A seeker never imposes his thoughts and opinions but keeps them to himself. They transcend into meditation for inner clarity. They close their eyes, not to the world but to look within. Some might argue about dissent being all about hatred. But it is only a beautiful part of spiritual pursuit. Yes, a seeker dissent’s but for clarity. The seeker doesn’t loath things, look up to or look down upon everything. He is just as is trying to navigate the spiritual realm. They don’t follow the inherited wisdom or dismiss it either but test everything. The existing principles and knowledge are of no use to the seeker. They believe what they experience.

Spirituality and dissent is a never-ending love affair. A seeker is independent of any external opinions or inherited knowledge because the truth is the only authority in the spiritual domain. Spirituality is not a religion but a responsibility. There is no higher authority but the truth.