The Case for Living Your Life on a Need to Know Basis

For all the advice scattered over the internet and everywhere else, one that stood out for me is living your life on a need-to-know basis. Imagine minding your own business, like always, and not caring what others think of you. Perhaps, that article you recently posted may be a dud or turns out viral. Who cares?

Comprehending only the crucial things is the highest form of filtration possible. It also gives you power over what you can control. People spend their lives thinking about what others would be thinking of them. 

We constantly find ourselves in a loop of procrastination and inaction due to an overload of information and our inability to weed out the useless ones.

When I started writing, everything else other than the writing part was my concern.

When to write?

What to write?

Where to do it?

Will it come off well?

How would be the response?

Everything other than writing made me anxious. The only thing I knew was to write, but that didn’t happen.

The past or the future and the outcomes were something I wanted to understand ‘now.’ The anxiousness makes us do all sorts of shitty things. 

You delay what you can control, trying to grab the unknown.

I see writers checking their stats like 100 times during the day, and my colleagues in the office are always anxious about their appraisals. Moreover, people are concerned about all the things they can’t control. We want to know everything when the beauty lies in knowing less and in the required information.

All the questions stated above pertain to the anxiety and stress of coming up with a creation. Ideally, we would get the answers when the time comes. That time is not ‘now.’ Now is always for the action. The answers are for the future, and you’d get them when you needed to know it. 

Think hard, and you’ll understand that you live life on a need-to-know basis. 

You may think about how your marriage might turn out and keep introspecting about relationships, but you only get the answer when you get married. 

You may bite your nails and scratch your head while watching an exciting match, but you only get the results when it ends.

The bottom line then:

A lot of things are mysteries till we get there. The ideal scenario for happiness or living well is an acceptance that life is best lived on a need-to-know basis. Everything else is fruitless info.

You do not, for instance, need to know what people are saying behind your back. It is futile and exhausting both at the same time. Remember all those times that bothered you about something said about you. Try figuring now about the impact it had on you and whether it made any difference in the end.

It doesn’t matter whether chattering about you is kind or like shit hurled behind you. Sometimes, even the appreciations and pleasant things are laced with latent meanings not worth your while. 

Take the case of social media trolls and memes. It is mayhem, and people are ready to rip you apart and play with your vulnerabilities. Twitter is a hotbed for raging war and opinions, all in a matter of seconds. Before you know, some clown with a made-up hashtag is ready to pounce on you or anybody for that matter. People are making their livings off these ploys of mockery and mindless babbling.

The information we hear or see or the one that gets whispered in our ears needs moderation and filter. Most of the information you read out there is a false and fake rendition of something.

It proves that not everything is worth knowing and life is better lived on a need-to-know basis.

You know, at this very moment, someone would be mocking you, someone else would be mocking the someone who is mocking you. Also, maybe not. 

We don’t need to get into these details. We are better off making our things, mending our weaknesses, and working on ourselves. The sheer gravity of everything making us overwhelmed is enormous.

Be wary of what you really need to know. Always remember the following.

Forget the specifics of the future

There’s no point inventing or feeling concerned about what is to happen. The more you get into the specifics of the future, the more detached you become from reality. You’ll grasp when the time comes. No point grabbing something that isn’t there now. Always focus on the specifics of the present moment. It will ensure your peace, calm, and well-being. 

Always make an effort, hustle, and do well, but leave it at that.

The day is yours to live

Make each day count and forget the rest. The only part of the day you control is what you do with that day. Taking each day as it comes brings rationality into your thought process. While everything depends on what you do every moment, you can’t control and know everything that might unfold. 

Just like you are not born directly at the age of 80 knowing everything and ready to bid adieu, life also unfolds gradually. You’ll know what’s yours to know.

It is similar to driving, where the map shows you the direction as you need them.

Wrapping up, I’d say

There is no point in trying to live a perfect life knowing everything. While you may certainly be smarter than others, it seldom helps. Stats, opinions, and small talk by others are not for you to get perturbed. Everybody is struggling with their own lives, and paying heed to every trivial detail is painstaking.

Just stick with your life and experiences. No number and opinion should ruffle your head. 

What will be is a work in progress, and you’ll know when the time comes.