You Are The Fire

It Lies Within


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to You Are The Fire.

Since you made it here, I trust you plan to stay on. A little brief below about myself for a sneak peek into who is this guy question in your head.
Reading and writing enthusiast. One of those left who prefer rest in peace to RIP. Firm believer that a healthy you is a better you so keep yourself physically and mentally fit. Go for a run or a walk, do HIIT, read a lot, pen down your thoughts and stay positive.
Writing didn’t just happen but it’s something you gradually develop over the years. From writing essays about My Dad, mother, cow and camel to starting a blog where things can be organized well has been a long fulfilling process.
I believe you have all the answers within your conscience but sometimes you just need an extra push for acceptance and execution in terms of written word. Words by someone who you resonate with.
The blog is dedicated to basic life issues we all face. It’s just a reflection of our daily struggles and how to overcome them. My aim is to make you feel comfortable with my words. I am not an expert on problems and their solutions but i guarantee that the blogs will discuss everything that qualifies as common problems to get some perspectives.
I believe the above lines ring a bell with you. So stick around and see how things are.
Great, if you have been following me or just came across wandering. Sincere thanks for reading.

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Always remember- You are not thrown into the fire, You are the FIRE.

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